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Honors Program

Welcome to the SE Honors Program! Our goal is to help our students succeed, academically, professionally, and socially. Through a rigorous curriculum of liberal arts courses, we challenge our students to embrace a diversity of perspectives, and to deepen their understanding of their own culture.

Our application deadline is January 31st. Students can apply through the general scholarship portal.

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For further information, contact the Honors Program office at 580-745-2771 or by email at

Honors Program Brochure

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The Honors Program brings high-achieving students together in required general education courses and challenges them to learn in a supportive community. The Southeastern Honors Program is home to students from towns and cities in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, and many other states. Our students and graduates come here to develop a global perspective that prepares them to embrace difference and change even as they value their own home cultures.

Honors students serve the Honors Program by participating in the Honors Advisory Council and by attending honors events; they serve the university and the community through volunteer activities throughout the school year. The Honors Program’s commitment to service asks that each student give back to the community, while the academic standards of the required honors courses prepare students for careers in science, medicine psychology, social work, law enforcement, safety, the arts, and the business and academic worlds.

Our students have been accepted into numerous postgraduate programs including The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, The University of Oklahoma College of Law, PhD programs at OU and Texas Tech, and Masters Programs at Southeastern, OU, OSU, Auburn University, and the University of Texas at Dallas. Our graduates teach in public and higher education, hold positions in accounting firms, banks, and businesses, and serve in law enforcement and the military. This postgraduate success speaks not only to the high caliber of students who come here but also testifies to the education they receive. The Southeastern Honors Program truly does succeed in raising the bar for honors students.