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Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching Minor (18 Semester Hours)

KIN 4053 Organization and Administration
KIN 4402 Principles of Athletic Coaching
KIN 4802 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

Choose two or more from the following:

KIN 4413 Principles of Strength and Conditioning Coaching
KIN 4502 Coaching Football
KIN 4512 Coaching Basketball
KIN 4602 Coaching Baseball
KIN 4612 Coaching Track
KIN 4632 Coaching Softball
KIN 4642 Coaching Volleyball

Choose two or more from the following:

KIN 2752 First Aid and Safety
KIN 3242 Sports/Recreation Facilities Management
KIN 3473 Applied Anatomical Kinesiology
KIN 3852 Sports Rules and Officiating
KIN 4253 Physiology of Exercise
KIN 4823 Nutrition in Sports
KIN 4833 Stress Management
KIN 4842 Psychology of Sport

NOTE: If a course or courses have been taken to meet a requirement in a major or major-minor, substitutions for the respective hours listed as “required” must be approved by Department Faculty.