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Interviews from the Veteran Oral History Project

In 2015, Hembrough began engaging in an oral history project at Southeastern. During the past few years, she has interviewed and compiled the experiences of a number of United States military veterans, as well as others having a military-affiliated background or interest, from around the region.

Dr. Tara Hembrough teaches graduate and undergraduate English courses at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Through Hembrough’s oral history project, visitors can view digitized interviews with

  • veterans,
  • the military-affiliated family members and friends of veterans, and
  • university faculty and staff, who have taken a special interest in military-affiliated populations.

In addition to these interviews, Hembrough has collected artifacts including military-related texts, cartoons, and photos contributed by student veterans and military-affiliated students.

Moreover, as part of this collection, Hembrough’s students have formulated historical timelines depicting the accomplishments of notable area veterans, acted as co-interviewers within the interview process, and provided transcriptions.

Those included in the collection have expressed their interest in the telling of stories related to various military-affiliated and/or military-impacted groups. In these works, overall, a major focus has been on creating positive change, as expressed in a multitude of ways, for military-related populations.

Whether by land, sea, or air, here, you will find a page in their stories.

Interviews with Student Veterans

Faculty interviews about Student Veterans

Individual interviews with other veterans and military-affiliated students

Compilation video interviews