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SE E-Books: Zaneis

Kate Galt Zaneis:

First Lady of Education in Oklahoma

 Linda Arlene Beach,

Southeastern Oklahoma State University,  Masters thesis, July 1976

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Known as the first lady of education in Southeastern Oklahoma, Kate Galt Zaneis had an early and lasting effect on higher education in Oklahoma.This thesis is in large part based on interviews of Kate Galt Zaneis’ friends and family and begins with her early life and ancestry especially as itrelated to her career as an educator. As a headstrong woman in the 30’s she was a natural leader with innovative ideas which ultimately gainedher the position as the first woman president of a state college in the U.S. and lost her the position just two years later.

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Durant, Oklahoma

Oklahoma, education, higher education, Southeastern Teachers College, thesis

Education | Women’s studies


Copyright © 1976 Linda Arlene Beach.SE E-Books are published by the Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library. Requests to purchase paper copies of this book can be sent to the Southeastern Foundation via contact information on the SE Alumni website.

Beach, Linda Arlene., “Kate Galt Zaneis: First Lady of Education in Oklahoma” (1976). SE E-Books. 1001. Kate Galt Zaneis, first lady of education by Linda Arlene Beach.