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Careers & Scholarships

Thanks to our IT Director, Dan Moore, at SE for providing this information.

Top Computer Science Careers,
Computer Science Scholarships,

What you can do:

Software Engineering:

Application Software Developers (average: $89,280/year – Bachelor’s degree)

Computer Programmers ($72,630/year)

Computer Systems Analysts ($78,770/year)

Computer Systems Engineers and Architects ($79,930/year)

Systems Software Developers ($96,600/year)

Computer and Information Research Scientists ($101,080/year – Master’s degree)


Network Engineerer ($75,000/year)

Network Systems Administrator ($72,899/year)

Video Game Design:

Multimedia Artists and Animators ($60,830/year – Associate’s degree)

Video Game Designers ($79,930/year – Associate’s degree)

Web Design:

Web Administrators ($79,930/year – Associate’s degree)

Web Developers ($77,990/year – Associate’s degree)

Information Technology/Information Systems Management:

Database Administrators ($75,190/year – Bachelor’s degree)

Database Architects

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Information Security Analysts

Information Technology Project Managers


Adjunct Instructors (Master’s Degree)

University Professor (Master’s Degree, or Ph. D. Degree)

Postsecondary Computer Science Teacher ($73,090/year – Postgraduate or doctoral degree)

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