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2015 Native American Symposium

Native Leadership: Past, Present, and Future
History, Culture, and Customs

November 5-6, 2015

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Thursday, November 5

1 pm – Stickball Game – Morrison Front Lawn            

2 pm –  Native American Film Presentation – Native American Commons of the Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library

‘The Cherokee Word for Water’, A film on Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation.

3:45 pm –  Native Studies – Native American Commons 

Dr. Clara Sue Kidwell, Lecturer and Scholar of Native Studies

4:30 pm –  Native American Leadership Student Presentation – Native American Commons of the Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library

6:00 pm – Hallie McKinney Ballroom — Keynote Banquet

Richard Green, Tribal Historian of the Chickasaw Nation, “B. F. Overton: The Nation’s Last War Chief” 

Friday, November 6 

9 am –  Native Education and Welfare – Student Union Auditorium 213 

Joseph Bohanon, Bacone College and Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Educational Leadership in Oklahoma Indian Country and Higher Education”

Margaret Neubauer, Southern Methodist University, “In Whose Best Interest?: Cultural Constructions of ‘Parental Neglect’ and the American Indian Child Welfare Crisis, 1945-1978”

9 am –  Native Identities – Student Union 323

Zach Maxwell, Choctaw Nation, “Choctaws in East Texas: The Ongoing Quest for Historical Recognition”

Marlene Flores, Texas Woman’s University, “The Indian vs. the White: within Mexican Identity”

10 am –  Native History I – Student Union Auditorium 213

Stephen Egbert, Joseph Paul Brewer, and Paula I. Smith, University of Kansas, Renaming the Indians’: Legibility, Illegibility, and Territorial”

Ann Ellis, “Choctaw Leadership Challenges Associated with Removal”

10 am –  Native Literature – Student Union 303

Patti Dimond, University of South Dakota, “Separating Myth from Reality: Reclaiming Indian Identity in Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer”

Caleb Tankersley, University of Southern Mississippi, “Magical Resistance: Louise Erdrich’s Use of Magical Realism in ‘Tracks’ and ‘The Plague of Doves’

10 am – Native Leadership – Student Union 323

Linda Warner,  Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and George Briscoe, “American Indian Leadership: Case Studies”

Dean Chavers  “Tribal Leadership and Sovereignty”

11 am – Native Studies – Student Union Auditorium 213

Jerry C. Bread, University of Oklahoma, “American Indian Studies in Higher Education and Public Schools: Projections, Politics, Issues, Concerns & Sustainability”

11 am –  Native Film and Performing Arts – Student Union 303

Claudia Little Axe, Ben Whaley, Rachel Lloyd, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, “Using Drama to Teach Cultural Awareness and Achieve Outcomes”

Mark Spencer, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, “The Journals of Knud

11 am – Native Public Awareness – Student Union 323

Alissa Benson, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, “The Chickasaw Cultural Center: Evaluating Expectations”

Stanley Rice, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, “Columbus Day and: Modify Them or Eliminate Them?”

12 pm – Lunch in the Loft

1 pm – Native Social Services – Student Union Auditorium 213

David P. Moxley, University of Oklahoma, “How the Indigenous Can Inform the Design of Helping Services: An Inquiry into Leadership and Community for Social Innovation”

Lola Mondragon, University of California Santa Barbara, “Indigenous Women Veterans: Visibility, Camaraderie, & Healing”

1 pm –  Native Arts – Student Union 323

Carrie Duke, Ball State University, “Cultivating Subversive Plots: Sharing Spiritual Kinship in Native American Women’s Gardens”

Shannon McCraw, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, “Oklahoma’s Post Office Murals: A Study of American Indian Images”

1 pm – Native Philosophy – Student Union 202

Steve Csaki, East Central University, “Coming Around Again: Cyclical and Circular Aspects of Native American Thought,”

Jennifer L. McMahon, East Central University, “Captive in Not So Well Hells: Jean-Paul’s Sartre’s No Exit and Sterlin Harjo’s ‘Goodnight Irene’

2:30 pm – Native Languages – Student Union Auditorium 213

Amy Gantt, Chickasaw Nation, “Revitalizing Native Languages”

Neyooxet Greymorning, University of Montana, “Reviving Language through ASLA”
Language Healers (film)

2:30 pm –  Native History II – Student Union 323

Zach Cowsert, West Virginia University, “Abolition, Vigilantes, and the Politics of Fear: The Choctaw Nation Enters the Civil War”

Neal Hampton, Oklahoma State University, “Green McCurtain, the Tuskahoma Party, and the Elections of 1896”

4:00 pm – Fiction and Poetry Reading – Student Union Auditorium 213 

Jeffrey DeLotto, Texas Wesleyan University, ‘Snakebite: A Caddo on the Camino

Ron G. Wallace, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, ‘Of Hawks and Horses

Native Art Exhibit

Selected works form the Charles & Miriam Hogan Native American Art Collection and the newly acquired Keithley Collection of Native Art are on view in the Centre Gallery of the Visual and Performing Arts Center throughout the month of November.