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Honors Committee

Function:  The Honors Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Honors Program Director. The committee may advise concerning formulation of policies and procedures for the administration of the Honors Program as well as in the development of criteria and procedures for student participation in the program. The Honors Committee, with input from the Honors Program Director, will develop and assess program curriculum and select faculty for the program. The Honors Committee will foster an atmosphere of experimentation and creativity in teaching by encouraging faculty to create courses for the Honors Program. (APPM 3.5)

Membership:  The Honors Committee will be composed of eight faculty members.  The Faculty Senate Committee on Committees will appoint two faculty members from the School of Business, two faculty members from the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences, and four faculty members from the School of Arts and Sciences, such that there is not more than one member from a given academic department (if not possible – not more than one member from an academic major program). A faculty Chair and Vice Chair will be elected by the current committee members by May of the academic year and serve for two years. Faculty members will serve for four year staggered terms with two committee members to be appointed each year. Since continuity is important to the Honors Committee, special consideration will be given to members who wish to serve for additional terms. The student member will be the President of the Honors Student Advisory Council. The Honors Program Director and the Vice President for Academic Affairs‘ appointee and a representative from Academic Advising and Outreach Center will serve as ex officio members of the committee.  (APPM 3.5)

Current Chair: Dr. Stanley Alluisi (2023-2024)