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Aviation – Professional Pilot

Professional Pilot Eight Semester Degree Plan

Professional Pilot Flight Program Costs

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The AABI Accredited Professional Pilot program is designed to provide comprehensive flight training augmented with intense academic and ground training designed to produce confident, safe, professional pilots. Simulation is incorporated to provide the professional pilot students with hands on experience with advanced technology and different environments.

Professional Pilot majors must obtain an FAA first class medical and Student pilot certificate issued by a physician and designated by the Federal Aviation Administration. All flight students must also be in compliance with all Department of Homeland Security regulations governing flight training for U.S. and non-U. S citizens.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be effective communicators with the ability to prepare and deliver oral and written presentations using appropriate technologies. ASI students possess the knowledge and understand the significance of making Professional and Ethical decisions. ASI graduates possess the leadership skills necessary to give direction and guidance and to delegate work tasks in a manner which proves to be effective and which motivates others to do their best in both a manager/subordinate and a team setting. They engage in life long learning, knowledge of contemporary issues, use of techniques, skills and modern technology with and have understanding of the National and International Aviation. ASI graduates will have an understanding of the functional areas of aviation and how they relate to each other.

Why the Professional Pilot program?
Degree Requirements Open Close

Major/Minor: Professional Pilot
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Dept: Aviation Sciences Institute
School: John Massey School of Business
Major Code: 005

GENERAL EDUCATION (44 Semester Hours)

Specified General Education Requirements
COMM 2213 Business & Professional Speaking
MATH 2143 Brief Calculus with Applications
PHYS 1114 General Physics I

Communications (9 Hours)
1.English (ENG 1113 and ENG 1213)
2.Speech Communication (COMM 2213)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (12 Hours)
1.Political Science (POSC 1513)
2.American History (HIST 1513 or 1523)
3.Social Science (ECON 2113, GEOG 2723, HIST 3513, or SOC 1113)
4. Mental and Physical Health (KIN 1113 or PSY 1113)

Science and Mathematics (14 Hours)
1.Biological Sciences (BIOL 1114 or 1404)
2.Physical Sciences (PHYS 1114)
3. Mathematics (MATH 2143)
4. Computer Proficiency Requirement (BIM 1513 or CIS 1003)

Humanities (9 Hours)
1. Humanities, Philosophy, and Lit (ENG 2313, 3893; HUM 2113, 2223, 2313; or PHIL 2113, 2223)
2. Fine Arts (ART 1003, 1103, 2103, 3013, 3083; MUS 1113, 1123, 3133; THTR 1143, 1183, 2183, or 3183)
3. Foreign Language (CHTW 1513; FREN1113; GERM1113; SPAN1113, 1223; ASL 1113; NS 1213)

MAJOR/MINOR REQUIREMENTS: Professional Pilot (64 Semester Hours)

Aviation Core (29 Semester Hours)
AVIA 3003 Aviation Meteorology
AVIA 3023 Air Traffic Control
AVIA 3113 Aviation Legal Problems
AVIA 3173 Aviation Safety
AVIA 3233 Advanced Aircraft Systems
AVIA 3334 Advanced Aerodynamics
AVIA 4643 Physiology
AVIA 4663 Contemporary Topics in Aviation
AVIA 4674 Crew Resource Management

Professional Pilot (35 Semester Hours)
AVIA 1004 Primary Ground Instruction
AVIA 1041 Private Flying
AVIA 2083 Commercial Performance & Regulations
AVIA 3123 Commercial Operations
AVIA 3152 Fundamentals of Flight Instruction
AVIA 3163 Intermediate Aircraft Maneuvers and

AVIA 3284 Instrument Ground Instruction
AVIA 3322 Advanced Aircraft and Instrument Flying
AVIA 3202 Flight Instructor Ground Instruction
AVIA 3241 Flight Instructor Flying
AVIA 3362 Instrument Flight Instructor Ground

AVIA 3401 Instrument Flight Instructor Flying
AVIA 3451 Introduction to Advanced Technology Aircraft
AVIA 3503 Integration of Flight Mngt Technology &

Commercial Ops
AVIA 4562 Multiengine Ground Instruction
AVIA 4601 Multiengine Flying


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