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Administrative Services

With Southeastern Administrative Services, our customers save time, money and paperwork.

Working with Southeastern Printing Services relieves you of the hassle of the designing, printing or getting bids on any and all print jobs. Not sure how to get a print job started? Our experienced staff can help you:

  • decide what kind of paper to use and how much to order
  • turn a sketch idea into great design
  • develop a timeline
  • work within your budget Central Receiving offers free delivery services of your print job or package to your door, including FedEx, FedEx Ground, UPS, Airborne and DHL.

We also work with Surplus property management, provide oversight of University requests for proposals and requests for qualifications with external vendors, handle document management and records disposition, and deal with state contracts and purchasing agreements.

If you need to send a package, bring it to us and it’ll get sent via FedEx. With Records Management, we will supply you with quality storage boxes and even pick up the boxes when your ready and take them to Records Management Storage.

To contact us, feel free to call 580.745.2980.