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Public Administration / Public Management

The minor in Public Administration/Public Management offers students a broad look at the functions of public agencies from an operational perspective which is ideal for any student interested in pursuing careers in government or non-profit work.

Public Administration/Public Management Minor (21 Semester Hours)

POSC 3523 Local Government and Politics
POSC 3563 Introduction to Public Administration
POSC 3513 Public Sector Organizational Behavior
POSC 3623 Public Finance &  Budgeting
POSC 4563 Public Policy

Two of the following:
POSC 2513 Introduction of Political Science
POSC 3513 US Constitutional Law
POSC 3533 State Government and Politics
POSC 3723 Global Politics
POSC 4533 Aspects of Oklahoma Government and Politics
POSC 4970 (3 hours) Special Studies (Internship)

CC 04-25-19; AC 05-01-19  2019-21 Catalog