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Campus Sustainability Committee

Function:  The Campus Sustainability Committee shall be required to meet at least twice per academic year. The function of this committee shall be as follows: (a) investigate all information gathered in regards to issues, complaints, violations, etc., directly related to the quality of the physical environment of the University; (b) place emphasis on all aspects of the campus that reflects an attitude of stewardship with the community and environment, such as, but not restricted to, the inclusion of environmentally smart and sound concepts into current and future building and renovation project; (c) as an advisory committee communicate closely with the administration and schedule a meeting to present an annual report by March 31st of each year that prioritizes projects (grounds and facilities) with cost estimates and identifies any alternative funding sources. The administration is encouraged to use the committee as a resource in the development of the annual budget and in the communication to faculty/staff/students on decisions that affect the learning and work environment. (APPM 3.5)

Membership:   This committee shall be comprised of the following members: (a) at least one faculty member from each school, selected by the Faculty Senate; (b) one member of the staff, appointed by the Staff Association; (c) one representative from the Student Government Association; (d) the Vice President for Business Affairs; and (e) the director of the Physical Plant, with all non-administrative members serving three year terms (term period changed from two to three years on 11-5-2014). (APPM 3.5)