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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Function:  The responsibility of the IACUC is to oversee and routinely evaluate the university policies for the use of laboratory animals and compliance of those policies to the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.  Its oversight functions include review and approval of proposed animal use (protocol review) and of proposed significant changes to animal use; regular inspection of facilities and animal use areas; regular review of the university policies regarding animal care and use; ongoing assessment of animal care and use; and establishment of a mechanism for receipt and review of concerns involving the care and use of animals at the institution. The committee must meet as often as necessary to fulfill its responsibilities, and records of committee meetings and results of deliberations should be maintained. Review of animal research and facilities inspections should occur at least annually or more often as required (e.g., by the Animal Welfare Act and PHS Policy).  After review and inspection, an annual written report (including any minority views) should be provided to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs about the status of animal research at Southeastern (APPM 3.5)

Membership:  The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee will consist of six members, four of which are faculty.  The Faculty Senate will appoint faculty members for three year staggered terms.   There will be two faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences, one from the School of Business, and one from the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences.  At least one of the four faculty members should be a practicing scientist experienced in research involving animals.  In addition there will be a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine either certified (e.g. by ACLAM, ECLAM, JCLAM, KCLAM) or with training and experience in laboratory animal science and medicine or in the use of the species at the university.  There also will be one public member to represent the general community’s interests in the proper care and use of animals.  Outside members, who are not faculty, must be reappointed annually by the committee faculty members.  Non-faculty members will be solicited by the committee, and appointed annually (APPM 3.5).