Future Students

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements can vary from year to year. Undergraduate admission is based on the students’ previous educational background. An applicant is classified into one of the following categories based on previous educational experience. These categories determine what requirements must be met for admission to Southeastern.

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US Citizens and US Permanent Residents

  • Freshman – A student who has earned no more than six hours of college-level credit after graduation from high school (this excludes credits earned concurrently with high school enrollment and credits earned by examination) or has earned a GED and their high school class has graduated.
  • Adult Freshman – A student who is 21 years of age or older or on active military duty and does not qualify for regular admission to Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
  • Transfer – A student who has attempted a minimum of seven or more semester hours of college-level credit after graduation from high school.
  • Returning – A student who has attended Southeastern, but was not enrolled during the immediate past semester (except for the summer session).
  • Non–Degree Seeking – Students who wish to enroll in courses without intending to pursue a degree may be permitted to enroll in up to nine credit hours without satisfying admission requirements.
  • Concurrent – A student that is still enrolled in high school, meets the performance requirements for new freshman, and is able to satisfy all 15 curricular requirements & graduation requirements no later than the spring semester of their senior year.

International Students

  • International Student – Is not a United States citizen and does not have permanent resident alien status.