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Behavioral Sciences

The department of Behavioral Sciences is home to programs associated with human behavior from Criminal Justice to Psychology. The Behavioral Sciences department will optimize our learning environment and model best teaching practices, retain a student-centered focus, expand the service area of Behavioral Sciences, and provide service leadership in behavioral sciences and expand and enhance collaborative partnerships.


The mission of the Behavioral Sciences department is to provide an environment of academic excellence that enables students to reach their highest potential. By having personal access to exemplary teaching, challenging student centered academic programs and extracurricular experiences, students will acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions that promote values for career preparation in  the behavioral science, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.


The department of Behavioral Sciences will be the leading provider of selected programs in behavioral science fields in southeastern Oklahoma and northern Texas. The department will exemplify a proactive and responsive educational environment by remaining current in professional development, cultural competence, and technological advances. Graduates will be characterized as competent, skilled and possessing the dispositions necessary for success in careers in the behavioral sciences. Above all, the school will continue to serve its students and ultimately society through innovative and collaborative programs.


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This is my moment.

Kara (Glass) Byrd is a 2008 Southeastern Oklahoma State University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in sociology whose background includes public-private partnerships, community relations, policy change, education and event planning. …

Kara (Glass) Byrd Sociology ’09

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