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The Mathematics major is a well-respected program that is known for its almost unlimited versatility. This is especially important in today’s society where most people change careers several times throughout their lives. Math-specific jobs are consistently ranked in the top 10 professions in terms of job satisfaction; not only do they pay well, but they are fun jobs with good security and growth potential.

Program Outcomes

Over 40% of Southeastern’s math graduates go on to graduate school in math, statistics, or actuarial science in schools including OSU, OU, Texas, Texas A&M, and the University of Florida. Many of Southeastern’s math graduates have become university professors and administrators, lawyers, accountants, pharmacists, computer scientists, teachers, principals, superintendents, statisticians, engineers, accountants, and of course, mathematicians.

Why Mathematics?
Degree Requirements Open Close

Major: Mathematics
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Dept: Mathematics
School: Arts and Sciences
Major Code: 028

GENERAL EDUCATION (44 Semester Hours)

Specified General Education Requirement
MATH 2215 Calculus I

Communications (9 Hours)
1.English (ENG 1113 and ENG 1213)
2.Speech Communication (COMM 1233 or 2213)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (12 Hours)
1.Political Science (POSC 1513)
2.American History (HIST 1513 or 1523)
3.Social Science (ECON 2113, GEOG 2723, HIST 3513, or SOC 1113)
4. Mental and Physical Health (KIN 1113 or PSY 1113)

Science and Mathematics (14 Hours)
1.Biological Sciences (BIOL 1114 or 1404)
2.Physical Sciences (CHEM 1004, 1114, 1315; PHYS 1114, 2015; PSCI 1114, 1214, or 1414)
3. Mathematics (MATH 2215)
4. Computer Proficiency Requirement (BIM 1513 or CIS 1003)

Humanities (9 Hours)
1. Humanities, Philosophy, and Lit (ENG 2313, 3893; HUM 2113, 2223, 2313; or PHIL 2113, 2223)
2. Fine Arts (ART 1003, 1103, 2103, 3013, 3083; MUS 1113, 1123, 3133; THTR 1143, 1183, 2183, or 3183)
3. Foreign Language (CHTW 1513; FREN1113; GERM1113; SPAN1113, 1223; ASL 1113; NS 1213)

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: Mathematics (37 Semester Hours)

MATH 2315 Calculus II
MATH 3283 Foundations of Mathematics
MATH 4133 Linear Algebra
MATH 4233 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 4113 Real Analysis
MATH 4980 (two hours) Senior Seminar

One of the following:
MATH 3113 Multivariate Calculus
MATH 3213 Differential Equations

One of the following:
STAT 3363 Probability Theory
STAT 4353 Mathematical Statistics

One of the following:
MATH 4213 Complex Variables
MATH 4333 Abstract Algebra II
STAT 4463 Probability Theory II

Nine hours of electives, as follows, approved by the
Department of Mathematics:
-Six hours of upper-division mathematics or statistics.
-Three hours of computer science programming or MATH
2003 Technology for Mathematics.

Minor Requirements Open Close

Mathematics Minor (18 Semester Hours)

MATH 2215 Calculus I
MATH 2315 Calculus II

Eight hours of elective mathematics, six of
which must be upper division, approved by the
Department of Mathematics.