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Mathematics Department

Mathematics has become essential and pervasive in our modern society. Today, people with mathematical ability and sound mathematical preparation are sought by employers in almost all fields. The mathematical preparation for students of tomorrow requires emphasis on understanding the conceptual bases of mathematics, an ability to communicate mathematical ideas to others, the ability to reason mathematically, and familiarity with the use of various technological tools in learning and applying mathematics.

The mission of the mathematics and mathematics education programs at Southeastern Oklahoma State University is to prepare students to become teachers of mathematics, to enter graduate programs in the field of mathematics, to secure positions in business and government that require preparation in mathematics, and to satisfy the individual’s curiosity concerning the patterns of thought found within the body of mathematics. The mathematics and the mathematics education programs are based upon the philosophy that the study and application of mathematics requires the cultivating of thought processes and intellectual attitudes that are important and useful to all students in all academic disciplines. In keeping with this philosophy, the Mathematics Department has traditionally provided courses for other academic programs and courses designed to fulfill general education requirements.

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