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Mathematics Education

The Mathematics Education program is designed for prospective 7th-12th grade mathematics teachers. The demand for qualified math teachers is high with greater focus on STEM education across the education field.

Program Outcomes

Southeastern graduates of the Mathematics Education program have taught secondary school mathematics in all 50 states and often continue in graduate school with high success.

Degree Requirements Open Close

Major: Mathematics Education
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Dept: Mathematics
School: Arts and Sciences
Major Code: 029

GENERAL EDUCATION (44 Semester Hours)

Specified General Education Requirement
MATH 2113 Analytic Geometry

Communications (9 Hours)
1.English (ENG 1113 and ENG 1213)
2.Speech Communication (COMM 1233 or 2213)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (12 Hours)
1.Political Science (POSC 1513)
2.American History (HIST 1513 or 1523)
3.Social Science (ECON 2113, GEOG 2723, HIST 3513, or SOC 1113)
4. Mental and Physical Health (KIN 1113 or PSY 1113)

Science and Mathematics (14 Hours)
1.Biological Sciences (BIOL 1114 or 1404)
2.Physical Sciences (CHEM 1004, 1114, 1315; PHYS 1114, 2015; PSCI 1114, 1214, or 1414)
3. Mathematics (MATH 2113)
4. Computer Proficiency Requirement (BIM 1553 or CIS 1003)

Humanities (9 Hours)
1. Humanities, Philosophy, and Lit (ENG 2313, 3893; HIST 2713,2723; HUM 2113, 2223, 2313; or PHIL 2113, 2223)
2. Fine Arts (ART 1003, 1103, 2103, 3013, 3083; MUS 1113, 1123, 3133; THTR 1143, 1183, 2183, or 3183)
3. Foreign Language (CHTW 1513; FREN1113; GERM1113; SPAN1113, 1223; ASL 1113; NS 1213)

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: Mathematics Education (72 Semester Hours)

MATH 2003 Technology for Mathematics
MATH 2215 Calculus I
MATH 2315 Calculus II
MATH 3283 Foundations of Mathematics
MATH 3323 College Geometry
MATH 4133 Linear Algebra
MATH 4233 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 4653 History of Mathematics
MATH 4980 (two hours) Senior Seminar

One of the following:
MATH 4113 Real Analysis
MATH 4213 Complex Variables
MATH 4223 Point Set Topology

One of the following:
STAT 3363 Probability Theory
STAT 4353 Mathematical Statistics

Three additional hours of elective upper-division mathematics or statistics approved by the Department of Mathematics

EDUC 2000 Pre-Student Teaching Field Experiences I
To be taken concurrently with: EDUC 2013 Foundations of Education

SPED 2123 Introduction to Individuals with Exceptionalities

EDUC 3313 Technology Integration for the Classroom

PSY 3123 Child and Adolescent Development for Education Majors

EDUC 3002 Internship for Student Teaching*a To be taken concurrently with: EDUC 3434 Teaching Strategies and Progress Monitoring*a

EDUC 4443 Classroom and Behavior Management*a

MATH 4903 Methods & Media in Secondary Math*a

EDUC 4000 Pre-Student Teaching Field Experiences*a to be taken concurrently with

EDUC 4919 Teaching Experiences in Major Program*b

*a Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education
*b Prerequisite: Admission to Student Teaching

Portfolio Policy
Teacher candidates in the teacher education program at Southeastern are required to develop an electronic assessment portfolio documenting their growth and professional progress throughout their professional and specialization education program. The portfolio process begins when a candidate enrolls in the teacher education course. Portfolios are completed using Chalk and Wire software.