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Academic Council

Function:  The function of the Academic Council will be to act on all recommendations submitted by the Graduate Council, Curriculum Committee, General Education Committee, and Faculty Senate. The Academic Council will consider and make recommendations concerning any academic matter which is not an assigned function of another committee. The Academic Council will also function as an “academic matters” sounding board for the general teaching faculty and the administration. (APPM 3.6.1)

Membership:   The Academic Council will be composed of department chairs as voting members. A faculty chair will be elected by the current members each September. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member, and act as a liaison to the committee. The faculty chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs will work together to coordinate the ongoing activities of the committee. Other ex-officio non-voting members will be determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  A designated voting member may appoint a substitute representative who will be eligible to participate in voting. (APPM 3.6)