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Student Employment

Student Employment is an award for which the student must work. Money is earned hourly and paid twice monthly. The maximum amount a student can earn under these programs is determined by availability of funds. Work funds and opportunities are available to students in the form of a Federal College Work Study or University Student Employment.

Federal Work Study Program – provides part-time employment for students who are enrolled at least half time and demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA application. The maximum amount a recipient can earn under this federal program is determined by their financial need and the availability of funds.

Regular University Employment – provides part-time employment for students enrolled at SE.

Contact Us

The Career Management Center is located in the Administration Building, Room 210. Students seeking employment can get information about job openings both on-campus and off-campus by visiting our website or coming by in person.

Stephanie Davison
Director of Career Management Center
Phone: 580.745.2267
Fax: 580.745.7486