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Residential Learning Communities

Residential Living Learning Communities For 2022-2023

Residential Learning Communities offer students the opportunity to live side by side students of similar academic and lifestyle interests. Participating in a learning community gives students opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and foster engaged relationships.

These are communities themed around a major or a group of related majors. The goal of academically clustered communities is to house students with similar academic interests and classes together. Academically clustered communities may include any of the following (based on interest):

  • Aviation Community is restricted to students with an aviation major. The Aviation community is housed on the 7th floor of Choctaw Hall.
  • The Music Major & Band Community is an open option, targeting Band Members and music majors.  This community is traditionally housed on the 6th & 7th floor of Chickasaw Hall.
  • STEM Community designed for Math, Biology, Chemistry majors, as well students interested in pre-engineering and/or pre-medical fields. The STEM Community is located on the 4th floor of Choctaw Hall.


FRESHMEN President’s Leadership Class (PLC)
The Freshmen PLC class is housed in North Hall, along with other first year student programs, including the Freshmen Honors and other Freshmen communities. PLC is traditionally housed on the 1st floor of North Hall.


The Freshmen Honors community is housed in North Hall, along with other first year student programs, including the Freshmen PLC and other Freshmen Communities. The Freshmen Honors Community is traditionally housed on the 3rd floor of North Hall.



  • Shearer Hall 2nd South (201 – 215) is reserved for Freshmen (with 30 hours or less) only.
  • North Hall 2nd floor is reserved for Freshmen students only.


HEALTHY HALLS – The Fall 2022 Health Halls Residential Community will be restricted to those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID 19.  Students requesting this community will provide documentation to SE Student Wellness Services, who will confirm eligibility for this community.  A limited number of shared, private rooms and SHS suite rooms will be available within this community. Healthy Halls is designated for the 2nd floor of Choctaw Hall.

Located in Shearer Hall, the 8-Person Community is open to any group of 8 students with a similar unifying interest (Greek Organization, Upper class honors students, team sports, etc.). These communities will be assigned only with 8 contracts submitted.  Priority is given to upper class students.  The 8-person community spaces are designated for Shearer Hall (1) 301 & 302 and (2) 364 & 365. Contact HRL if you have a group that is interested in reserving an 8-person community.


These are communities which are not limited to one gender. Students requesting gender neutral housing are subject to additional terms & conditions. Contact HRL if you are interested in reserving a gender-neutral community.


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