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Housing and Residence Life

Find Your Home at Southeastern.

Home to approximately 700 students, our Residence Halls are more than just a place to sleep and store your things. They are communities that provide an exciting living and learning environment. Our four residential facilities, including one apartment-style complex, meet the needs of everyone. From hall government to intramural sports and study sessions, there are many ways to get involved. Living on campus will help you to make lifelong friends and discover a variety of opportunities.


SE Housing & Residence Life

Email:  | Phone: 580-745-2948
Virtual Office Hours: 10AM-12PM; 1PM-4PM on Regular Business Days
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The SE Housing Portal (in StarRez) is where you can:

SE Housing Portal

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Summer 2023 Housing Applications (Click to Expand) Open Close
  • We are now accepting Summer 2023 Housing Applications! Go HERE to apply to live on campus! Select the link for Summer Housing Application on the toolbar on the top or from the Menu (three horizontal bars).
  • Join us in the HRL Virtual Office if you have any questions!

Virtual Office Hours:

Regular Business Days: 9AM – 12PM; 1PM – 4pm

  • Summer Housing Contract HERE
Fall 2023 Housing (click to expand) Open Close

We are now accepting Fall 2023 Housing Applications! Go HERE to apply to live on campus!

Residential Living & Learning Communities are designated. Click HERE to learn about the different communities and location, then select this when participating in the Room/Roommate Selection Process.

The Room/Roommate Selection Process has started!  Schedule for Room Selection Process HERE


  • Thursday, 5/25/23 at 8:00am: RETURNING RESIDENTS with 60 credit hours or more completed may select your room!
  • Friday, 5/26/23 at 8:00am:  RETURNING RESIDENTS with 30 or more credit hours completed may select your room!
  • Saturday, 5/27/23 starting at 8:00am: ALL RETURNING RESIDENTS may select your room!
  • Monday, 5/29/23 starting at 8:00am: ALL SE STUDENTS with 30 or more credit hours completed may select your room!
  • Tuesday, 5/30/23 starting at 8:00am: ALL ADMITTED SE STUDENTS may select your room!
  • The Room Selection Process will remain open through 8/1. Room changes may be made until 8/1. NO ROOM CHANGES MAY BE MADE AFTER 8/1 (UNTIL AFTER THE 2ND WEEK OF THE SEMESTER) AND NEW ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE MADE MANUALLY BY HOUSING & RESIDENCE LIFE. (“Returning Residents” are students who have lived on campus at SE during the past Academic Year.)

Not sure how to select a roommate/roommate group?  Instructions below!   


The first step is to have a conversation to make sure that you know that you all want the same thing; the same hall, the same room type, the same community, etc.

RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY LOCATIONS: check the locations of the community you would like to live in:


  • Option 1: Both/All Roommates/Suitemates select a room/suite location at the same time, perhaps while having a group chat to ensure that you sign up for the same suite. This way you can all look at the locations that are available and make selections based on the availability of the room/suite that represents your highest priorities.
  • Option 2: “The Roommate Group”

Step 1: Put yourself in a “Roommate Group”.  The person who starts the group is the “Group Leader”.  This is the person who will assign everyone else to the group and to the room/suite.  The Group Leader will need to add the other members to the group, and the other members need to accept the invitation to join the group. (Note, you cannot be invited to join a Roommate Group if you have not submitted your Housing Application.  You cannot be invited or accepted into a Group if you are in another Group or have already selected your Room.) ONLY ONE PERSON SHOULD CREATE A GROUP!!  Decide who you want the one person to be before you start this process!  (We recommend that the person who qualifies for the first available Room Selection Time and who the Group most trusts to complete the process properly be selected to be the Group Leader.)

Step 2: Once the other members accept the invitation to join the Group, the Group Leader must participate in the Room Selection Process and find a suite that meets the highest priorities and has the required number of bed spaces available to assign all Group Members. The Group Leader will have the priority to add/assign Group Members to the suite until June 15th.  After June 15th, Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to either assign additional members to the suite (without input from the rest of the Group) or to reassign a Group Leader who has not assigned other members.  This will prevent one or two people from holding an entire suite for the entire Room Selection process.)

Step 3: Group Members must select a Meal Plan after they have been assigned to a room.

Join us in the HRL Virtual office if you have any questions!

SE Office for Housing & Residence Life, Glen D. Johnson Student Union, Room 311

425 W. University Boulevard, Durant, OK  74701

@SOSUHRL on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram,

Virtual Office Hours:

Regular Business Days: 9AM – 12PM; 1PM – 4pm

Winter Intersession 2023-2024 (can be submitted after 11/1) Open Close
  1. Go to the SE Housing & Residence Life webpage @
  2. Scroll down to the SE Housing Portal and click on this button.
  3. Click Login in the top right-hand corner in the yellow bar at the top of the page.
  4. Use the SE-Student SSO login button at the bottom of the page and use your student email and the password that goes along with that to log on.
  5. Select Winter Break Housing Request in the yellow bar.
  6. Select your Fall bookingwhich should be the top option on the two bookings that will show up.
  7. Select the button next to the booking for Fall 2023.
  8. Read all the information then select the checkmark that indicates you have read the information above.
  9. Select the reason that you want to stay and if you select other, please provide the pertinent information.
  10. Type in your student ID with the zeros in front of it and click submit request.
  11. You will receive an email if you have been approved and this email will give you more information. The approval process will take about a week, so plan accordingly. The letter will advise you when you can pick up the temporary front door key that you will need to use during the intersession.
  12. Video demonstration of the process:  Winter Intersession Walkthrough

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Mission Statement Open Close

The Department of Residence Life creates a living environment that supports student learning, fosters personal growth and development, and encourages the development of personal integrity and civic responsibility. We effectively manage well-maintained and reasonably priced residential facilities. We value the individuality of each student and the diversity reflected within our community.

Goals of Residence Life Open Close
  • Residential programs will develop residential communities in which all members feel valued and safe.
  • Residential programs will enhance the personal growth and development of resident students.
  • Residential programs will support the academic mission of the university.
    Residential programs will encourage active citizenship and civic responsibility.
  • The Department of Residence Life will provide clean, well maintained and reasonably priced residential facilities will meet the ever-changing needs of students.
  • The Department of Residence Life will utilize administrative policies, procedures & processes that ensure the orderly and effective administration and operation of all aspects of the program.
  • Well trained and qualified staff will be a foundation of the residential program.
  • The Residence Life Department and personnel will maintain a commitment to advocating for the individual needs of each resident student as well as the collective needs and concerns of the residential community.
Residence Life Office Hours Open Close

Virtual Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm on regular business days

If you would like to speak to a Housing employee please join us via Zoom, click HERE

Helpful Contact Numbers

Main Office (during regular office hours): 580-745-2948
After Hours Emergencies/Campus Police: 580-745-2727