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Insurance for International Students

United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and Southeastern Oklahoma State University regulations require that international students provide verification of hospitalization insurance.

The hospitalization policy must be for the entire semester and must include a minimum Repatriation Benefit of $5000.00. It should include hospital expense, outpatient expense, medical evacuation expense, and accidental death & dismemberment benefits for accident or sickness.

For information regarding hospitalization insurance policies, you can check these sites:

If you elect a private policy, its benefits must be deemed comparable. Continuation of enrollment is contingent upon possession of an approved hospitalization insurance policy.

All international students who wish to enroll will be required to provide this office a true and exact copy of his/her hospitalization policy to include when coverage begins and ends and the amount of the repatriation benefit.

Please bring verification of hospitalization insurance, including a copy of your policy, (for yourself and, if applicable, your dependents) to the Office of International Student Services, Welcome Center, when you come to complete your admission process.