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There are a wide variety of scholarships available to students of Native American descent and heritage. These scholarships have their own requirements but can be applied for through Southeastern’s Scholarship Application.

Name of Scholarship Criteria 2019-2020 Reward
Chief Greg Pyle and Patti Pyle Scholarship Full-time students; 2.0 minimum GPA; Native American Students (must provide CDIB or other documentation); preference given to members of the Choctaw Nation $1,000
Dorthy Wilson Jefferson Scholarship Full-time students of Native American descent; preference given to education majors $2,700
Frances Rushing Phillipi/David Gardner Scholarship Full-time Students; Choctaw Nation member; preference to entering freshmen with high academic achievement $700
Walter D. “Buddy” Gaster Scholarship Full-time Students; high school graduates must have 3.0 minimum GPA and 23 ACT score with preference given to graduates from Carter, Murray, Marshall, Love, Garvin, Johnston, or Bryan County, Oklahoma Counties; Transfer students must have Associate’s degree with preference given to transfer students from Murray State College; Must be enrolled Chickasaw Nation member

New Freshmen (must be enrolled in honor’s program)-$6,000/year for four years + room for 1 year

New Transfers-$2,000/year for 2 years

O.J. and Mary Christine Harvey Scholarship Full-time students; 2.7 GPA; Native American descent

$6,000/year through graduation

12 students awarded

Governor Emeritus Overton James Scholarship Full-time enrolled students 2.7 GPA; student must provide tribal citizenship documentation from the Chickasaw Nation and CDIB card $4,950
David Parsons (Honors Program only) Full-time enrolled students; 3.0 GPA; Choctaw descent Full tuition and fees, room and board, +$750 for books
Ruth Lance Wester and Jackie Mayo Scholarship Full-time enrolled students 2.8 GPA; Preference given to students majoring in art, education, or math $700

Office of Financial Aid

Scholarship Application