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The SE Legacy Continues with Me

Legacy Fund Giving Campaign

The Legacy of Southeastern Oklahoma State University is one to be celebrated, as our University has had a lasting impact on the lives of everyone it has touched. But our Legacy is not only about those that have been a part of our institution in the past. Our Legacy is also in those that are here today and will be here tomorrow. 

It is time that Southeastern become more intentional in how we tell our Legacy story, and therefore the University is launching a campaign to support the story of the Legacy of the past and the Legacy story that we will build for the future. 

From our founding as Southeastern State Normal School in 1909, to Southeastern State Teachers College in 1921, and now Southeastern Oklahoma State University, our mission has stayed the same, to provide the tools so that students can reach their highest potential. To give students the ability to leave a Legacy. 

Through your gift to the Legacy Fund, you can not only declare the importance of your Legacy at Southeastern, but help insure that others will have the ability to achieve their Legacy as well. 

Gifts to the Fund will support three critical initiatives at the University: Legacy Scholarships, Legacy Plaza, and Vision 2040. 

With a generous establishing endowment gift from the Southeastern Foundation and support from the Southeastern Alumni Association, Southeastern has established the Legacy Scholarship program. A percentage of each donation to the Legacy Fund, based on the giving level, will help grow this fund with the vision that it becomes an automatic scholarship for all Legacy freshmen. 

Gifts will fund the continued expansion and development of the Legacy Plaza as the first phase of the Heritage Trail project as outlined in the Campus Facilities Master Plan. This includes additional space in order to celebrate the accomplishments of alumni, students, faculty and staff as well as improving on the ability for our campus to tell our Southeastern story to current and future generations. 

Gifts will fund efforts to move forward with the Vision 2040 Strategic Plan. An overall strategic direction for the University over the next decade. The plan addresses the challenges and opportunities facing Southeastern through strategies that include Academic Excellence, Affordability, Sustainability, Campus Facilities and Infrastructure, and Student Ready University. 

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