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Legacy Scholarships

The Southeastern Legacy Scholarship encourages a continued family tradition of attending Southeastern Oklahoma State University and celebrates the spirit of the Blue and Gold, by providing scholarships for legacy students. 

The Southeastern Legacy Scholarship provides financial assistance for family members of alumni and is open to children, stepchildren, and grandchildren of Southeastern Graduates. 

The scholarship was originally endowed with a large gift from the Southeastern Foundation, support from the Southeastern Alumni Association, and ongoing proceeds from the annual Blue and Gold Distinguished Alumni Banquet. 

Initially the Legacy Scholarship will be awarded based on a selection criteria as funds allow, but through your generous donation to the Legacy Fund, the goal is to raise the Legacy Scholarship endowment to an amount that will allow all Southeastern Legacy students to receive an automatically awarded scholarship. 

Candidate must be first time freshman or first time transfer for the upcoming school year and have at least one direct lineage to a Southeastern graduate. 

Three members of the Dry Family’s 114-year Legacy at Southeastern. Karson Dry ’23, James H Dry ’74, ’76, and James S Dry ’93.