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Strategic Plan: Vision 2040

In June of 2022 Southeastern Oklahoma State University President, Dr. Thomas W. Newsom formed a committee to develop a new strategic plan for the university. Dr. Newsom issued the following charge to the committee:

The five strategic pillars, that have now become Focus Areas, were developed during a planning session of the University Executive Team in order to give the committee a foundation for the plan. These focus points were informed by the guiding principles and vision that Dr. Newsom and the Executive Team had used to navigate the university through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Strategic Planning Committee, Co-Chaired by Dr. Michael Davis and Dr. Jeremy Blackwood, worked tirelessly through the remainder of the Fall 2022 semester and completed the plan in the Spring of 2023.

Vision 2040 looks towards a bright future at Southeastern and confirm the university’s mission and committment to provide an environment of academic excellence that enables students to reach their highest potential.

Strategic Planning Committee
  • Dr. Michael Davis – Co-Chair
  • Dr. Jeremy Blackwood – Co-Chair
  • Mr. Austin Harman
  • Mrs. Christala Smith
  • Mr. Michael Stout
  • Dr. Katheryn Shannon
  • Ms. Katie Webb
  • Mr. O.L. Kelly
  • Dr. Sondra Petty
  • Ms. Jennifer Maple
  • Dr. Stewart Mayers
  • Dr. Kitty Campbell
  • Dr. Matthew Sparacio
  • Jake Popowski, Student