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Breastfeeding Assistance

Click here for assistance for nursing/pumping mothers on campus

If you are interested in identifying a space for use when taking classes or performing work duties on campus, please fill out the form found at the link above for review. Once the form has been submitted, please allow ten business days for accommodations to be determined.  Some predetermined sites and procedures are listed below; however, not every building has a standing site.  We will work with the campus community to assist with identification of a space when a preset location is not accomodating.

The following list has been compiled to assist mothers in finding a convenient, predetermined location to express breast milk on the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Durant campus. Please review the instructions for each location to determine how to use or schedule the room. .

If you have additional questions, or would like to add a location to this list, please contact the Student Health Services at (580) 745-2988


Biological Services, Room 226. Chair, desk, water in hall, and bathroom available nearby. The door locks from the inside. Use is first come, first serve.

Bloomer Sullivan Arena, Upper Deck, Family bathroom. Chair placed in restroom for use. Door locks from the inside. Use is first come, first serve.

Wellness Center, Women’s Locker Room. Chair, water, no privacy within the women’s locker area.  Room key with Wellness Center staff. Use is first come, first serve.

Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library, Archive Room 2A. *Chair placed in room for use. Door locks from the inside. Use is first come, first serve.

If you work for the university and want a room added to the list from your area, please contact Student Wellness Services by call 580-745-2988 or email

Procedure and Rules

Turn over the “Please do not disturb” sign on the outside of the door so people know it is occupied prior to use, and reverse on the door after use is complete. Be sure to leave the sign available for others after you are finished.

The lactation room’s sole purpose is a resource for mothers that are breastfeeding. Any other purpose is in violation of the room intent.

Please maintain cleanliness of this room, and do not leave any items in the room for storage after use. The university is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Please report any maintenance issues with a room to (580)-745-2988.