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Teacher Education Services

Teacher Education continues to be one of the major undergraduate programs at Southeastern. All Teacher Education Programs are accredited by the Council for Educator Preparation (CAEP) and approved by the State of Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA).

Programs Offered

Initial Licensure
Art Teacher Education
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
English Education
Mathematics Education
Music Education (Instrumental/Vocal)
Physical Education
Social Studies Education
Special Education – Mild and Moderate Disabilities
Education (Minor)

Advanced Licensure
Educational Leadership

  • Principal
  • Superintendent

School Counseling

Graduate Programs

Oklahoma Teacher Certification Testing

Teacher Candidates in SOSU’s undergraduate Teacher Education Program must meet all Oklahoma certification requirements as part of their program of study:

  • OGET must be passed prior to admission to the Teacher Education Program.
  • OGET and OSAT must be passed prior to admission to student teaching.
  • OPTE must be passed prior to certification.

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GPA Calculator (Major Teaching Fields)

The Excel worksheet below will automatically calculate major teaching field GPAs. Just insert grades and credit hours in the blanks provided.

Teacher Education/Student Teaching Handbook (PDF)

Conceptual Framework Model

Teacher Education Council

The Teacher Education Council (TEC) is the governing body for all educator preparation programs at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The TEC is composed of teacher education faculty members, public school educators, and community leaders. The TEC is chaired by the Director of Teacher Education.

The Teacher Education Admission and Retention Committee (TEARC) is a subcommittee of the TEC. The TEARC makes all decisions regarding admission to and retention in educator preparation programs at Southeastern. Students may appeal TEARC decisions to the TEC. The decision of the TEC is final.

CAEP Annual Report Measures

CAEP Standards

Other Accreditation Data