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How To Apply

The Financial aid office at Southeastern Oklahoma State University awards all federal financial aid from information submitted through the FAFSA.  Students need to first fill out the FAFSA at to be considered for federal aid.  The following are the typical steps a student would take from starting the FAFSA to receiving aid.

  1. Complete the FAFSA at 00317900 -Southeastern’s School Code
  2. Check your campus connect at
    • Once you have logged into Campus Connect go to the Student Info drop down box and click the View Financial Aid.
    • Select the correct year you are interested in.  2018-2019 includes the Fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters.
    • Once in the correct year every student much check to see what additional documentation you may be required to complete your file.  The documents needed will be in red and the documents received will be in green.  The list of documents can be found on the right navigation menu.
    • Turn in all need documents.  Some students will be selected to verify their information entered on the FAFSA.  This may require you to fill out additional documentation and can also be more or less documentation from year to year.
  3. When all documents needed are received in our office we will verify the information received from the student with the information submitted on the FAFSA.  All differences will be confirmed and corrected.  At this time we will also look at all previous course work from all institutions to determine if the student is making Satisfactory Academic Progress.  The SAP policy can be found at
  4. Once the FAFSA is correct and SAP is established we will process the file for awarding for the correct term.  The awarding and eligibility process can be found here: Awarding of Title IV Funds.
  5. After all awards are posted, students will need to back to campus connect to accept their awards.  Students must agree to the Return to Title IV policy as well as the SAP policy before they are allowed to continue.  To accept you awards log on to Campus Connect at  Go to the Student Info tab and down to the Accept/Decline Aid tab.  Once you agree you will be able to accept your awards.  All loans have an Up/Down scroll button to allow students to decrease their loans.
  6. After the awards are accepted, the Pell grant and all Direct Loans will be originated with Common Origination and Disbursement system with the Federal Government.
  7. If all originations are correct, then then the federal awards will be processed/transmitted to the students account.  Information about the business office’s procedures can be found at:
  8. The same day the funds are processed to the student’s account the disbursements are sent back to the Common Origination and Disbursement system to process the disbursements.