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Get Fit Challenge

Happy Holidays!

We are entering the holiday season, where we tend to fall out of our regular routines and give in to those holiday temptations. The 12 Days of Wellness Challenge will help keep your mind focused and your body in good health and spirits. To participate, complete one wellness activity each work day from the 12 Days of Wellness activity list. There are four different categories of wellness: Fitness, Nutrition, Well–being, and Community. Your goal is to complete three activities from each of the four wellness categories. After you have completed one wellness activity for each of the 12 Days of Wellness, please turn in your tracking sheet/calendar to by Dec. 16.

Those who successfully complete the 12 Days of Wellness Challenge will be entered into a drawing. The wellness activity list and tracking form will be attached to this email.

Have fun and enjoy your 12 Days of Wellness!!

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