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Get Fit Challenge


It’s time to get back on track!!!

Winter 2023 Commit To Get Fit

Welcome to a New Session of Commit To Get Git. We will be doing an eight-week fitness challenge.

It’s time to get rid of that holiday weight gain and get back into good habits!!! We are going to be focusing on exercise and good health habits.  Let’s stay healthy and active.

The challenge will start January 16th and end March 10th.  Sign up will end on January 12th. We will be doing teams or individuals. The individuals will only be responsible for steps. At the end, the top three individuals will receive a prize.  The teams will have steps, weight loss percentages, exercise, and weekly challenges that they will receive points for. At the end of the challenge, we will give prizes for the top three teams in points. We will also give a prize for the team with the top steps and the team with the largest weight loss percentage.  There will be some random prizes given away during the challenge.  We will be giving a participation gift to everyone who completes the challenge.

Commit To Get Fit Rules:

Team Captains will report weight loss percentages, exercise, challenge points, and steps every Monday to  We will count from Monday to Sunday in our totals, with the exception of the last week, it will be Monday March 6th thru Wednesday March 8th.

Results will be sent out via email every Tuesday so participants can monitor their team or an individual placement in the competition.

Initial weigh in will be on Monday January 16th. You will weigh every Monday, and the last Wednesday. You will need to weigh on the same scales every week for consistency.  Scales are located in the Office of the President, Student Wellness Services, or the Wellness Center.

The last submission sheet will be due by March 9th at 3 p.m. Winner will be announced on March 10th.

We will have a weekly challenge for points and will have random prize drawings.

The points for this round for teams will be:


30 minutes of exercise for 4 days a week from both participants -4 points per team

Each additional day with 30 minutes of exercise will be worth 1 point each day, you will be able to earn up to 7 points.

Maintained weight is worth 1 point

Any weight loss is worth 3 points

The top three in weight loss % will receive

1st place-3 points

2nd place-2 points

3rd place-1 point

For each day your team reaches 20,000 steps you will receive 1 point. If you reach 140,000 steps or more in a week your team will receive an extra 2 points.

Top three in steps will receive

1st place-3 points

2nd place-2 points

3rd place-1 point

Weekly challenges are worth 4 points. I will send out the weekly challenge every Friday for the next week. If it is a weeklong challenge, we will start it Monday morning, if is for a specific day, I will specify what day you need to do it.


You will turn in your steps every Monday, and the last Wednesday. If you want to participate in the weekly challenges, you are welcome to, and you name will go in the drawing if one is held that week.

You can go to the Southeastern Oklahoma State University website, all the forms you will need for the challenge are on the Commit To Get Fit page. If you have any questions, please email me at or call ext.2512.



To register, go to to complete the entry form.

You will see 2 options on the entry form:

  • Individual Entry
  • Team Entry

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