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Get Fit Challenge

COMMIT TO GET FIT is BACK!  It’s that special time of the year again, the changing of seasons and the start of new beginnings this New Year.  Spring is just around the corner and it’s a great time to “spring” into training. What if I told you that you could not only lose a few unwanted pounds you gained over the holidays, feel better, healthier, and happier, but also literally win PRIZES for doing it? Plus, ALL challenge GRADUATES will get a prize just for completing the program! You get to do all of that with a partner/best friend too.


The Get Fit Challenge will be an eight-week program. Teams will consist of two players (fitness buddies) for accountability, motivation, healthy competition, and support. The designated team captain will be responsible for submitting the percentage of weight loss and total steps for the team each week, along with a snapshot of the total steps on the device used for recordkeeping. All other points earned by each player will be recorded by the president’s office designated record keeper. Upon completion of a task to earn points, each player will send a snapshot to the Get Fit email address ( with your individual and team name to have the points added to your team score.


  • Blood pressure check (First Week)
  • Exercising
  • Walking
  • Maintaining or losing weight
  • Random weekly challenges

Can’t find a partner? Don’t worry we are also doing an individual Commit To Get Fit. You will only submit your steps and won’t have to worry about submitting weight loss or doing the weekly challenges. Everyone will be responsible for submitting their weekly steps along with a snapshot of the total steps on the device used for recordkeeping to the GET FIT EMAIL (


Registration will take place from January 19- January 23rd and the challenge will officially begin on January 24th.
First weigh in January 24th
Last weigh in March 7th


To register, go to to complete the entry form.

You will see 2 options on the entry form:

  • Individual Entry
  • Team Entry

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