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Changes and Withdrawls

Students finding it necessary to terminate their work in any class before the last day to drop a class should contact their academic advisor for appropriate forms and instruction concerning withdrawal procedures. Students terminating their entire enrollment should initiate the complete withdrawal with the Office of the Registrar.

Class withdrawals, including complete withdrawals, when transacted as a change of schedule during the first five days of a regular semester or during the first three days of a summer term, will not be recorded on the academic transcript.

Any student who withdraws from a course during the sixth day through the eighth week in a regular semester or the fourth day through the fourth week in a summer session, will receive a grade of “W” in the course.

After the end of the eighth week in a regular semester and the end of the fourth week in a summer session, a student may still withdraw until the twelfth week of the regular term or the sixth week of the summer term. The student will receive a grade of “W” or “F”, depending upon the student’s standing in the class at the time of withdrawal.

No course withdrawals, including complete withdrawals, are permitted during the last two weeks of the term.

It should be noted that the preceding deadlines for class withdrawals are for regularly scheduled, full-term classes. Shorter duration (accelerated) courses — interim courses and intensive courses (length less than sixteen weeks, fall or spring; eight weeks, summer) — will have proportional timelines and refund periods.