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General Education Program


The general education program at Southeastern Oklahoma State University seeks to provide a broad foundation of intellectual skills, knowledge, and perspectives essential to all students by virtue of their involvement as human beings in a diverse, technological, and evolving global society. The program is designed to ensure that students acquire a broad understanding of human kind’s cultural heritage in both the arts and sciences, think logically, critically, and creatively, communicate clearly and effectively, and develop skills, values, and attitudes essential to living meaningful and responsible lives.


To ensure that students perceive general education as a unified and related curriculum, courses within the general education curriculum should share certain components so that students clearly recognize common threads woven into the tapestry of their educational experience. To that end, every general education course should include a strong writing component and provide students with active practice in critical thinking and creative problem solving. In addition, when practical, a general education course should include integration with other disciplines and provide students with global and multicultural perspectives.

General Education Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

Letter from Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dear Student:

Welcome to the general education website for Southeastern Oklahoma State University. You have made an important decision to continue your education, and you should be commended for that choice. We truly believe that once you see the opportunities available, you will choose to become part of Southeastern’s family.

Why is general education important? General education is a program of courses designed to provide you with a breadth of intellectual experiences. This is in contrast to a major field of study that provides a depth of understanding in a specific area. The aspirations of our program are to: prepare you for membership in the global community; provide you with fundamental skills that apply to your major; promote life-long learning by providing you with the skills necessary to live in a dynamic, knowledge-based society; and help you realize your highest potential.

Even though southeastern Oklahoma may seem isolated, we are part of a global community. A college education not only improves the quality of your life, an educated society also benefits the nation and world. Understanding different cultures and values, and how these have changed through time, are components of general education. The role played by social institutions, importance of our shared history, appreciation of the arts, essentials of healthy lifestyles, and how changes in science and technology have impacted our lives also are discussed.

This program also seeks to enhance the skills and abilities that you will use in your major and subsequently, your career. These skills include effective oral and written communication, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and acquisition and integration of knowledge; all of these are emphasized throughout the general education program. By developing college-level abilities in these fundamental areas early, your subsequent success in the major will be enhanced.

We live in an information age, and technology is used to passively receive, actively collect, sort, evaluate, and integrate knowledge. Most of us are bombarded with unwanted, unnecessary, and seemingly worthless spam. Your ability to sift through the vast amounts of material to glean relevant information used to make decisions in your daily life has never been as important as it is today. Upon completion of the general education program, you will have developed your skills in using contemporary technology to access information and acquired a greater breadth of understanding of diverse topics so that the wealth of information may be critically evaluated.

As in any family, we want you to reach your highest potential and live a meaningful life; we hope that during your time at Southeastern, you will develop the skills and abilities to become a fair-minded, ethical, informed, and intellectually-responsible citizen of the global community. The quality of your thoughts will determine, at least in part, the quality of your life. I wish you all the best as you embark on this new journey; may you achieve all of your goals at Southeastern and in life.

If you should have any questions concerning general education, or Southeastern Oklahoma State University, do not hesitate to contact me (

Bryon K. Clark
Vice-President of Academic Affairs