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General Education Program


The general education program at Southeastern Oklahoma State University seeks to provide a broad foundation of intellectual skills, knowledge, and perspectives essential to all students by virtue of their involvement as human beings in a diverse, technological, and evolving global society. The program is designed to ensure that students acquire a broad understanding of human kind’s cultural heritage in both the arts and sciences, think logically, critically, and creatively, communicate clearly and effectively, and develop skills, values, and attitudes essential to living meaningful and responsible lives.


To ensure that students perceive general education as a unified and related curriculum, courses within the general education curriculum should share certain components so that students clearly recognize common threads woven into the tapestry of their educational experience. To that end, every general education course should include a strong communication component and provide students with active practice in critical thinking and creative problem solving. In addition, when practical, a general education course should include integration with other disciplines and provide students with global and multicultural perspectives.

General Education Baccalaureate Degree Requirements