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Student Complaints and Grievances

The majority of students at Southeastern Oklahoma State University typically complete their educational experience without feeling the need to pursue a complaint against a staff member, faculty member, the University, or another student. However, if a student has a complaint, they have the right to be heard, and the University has an obligation to listen and resolve the matter.

Southeastern adheres to the principle that most verbal complaints are considered informal, and students are encouraged to resolve these issues directly with the individual involved; if that is not possible the student may pursue the issue/concern through the pertinent administrative (supervisory) channel. In contrast to informal complaints, formal complaints (grievances) must be submitted in writing. A formal complaint (grievance) must provide a clear and detailed statement that contains the following elements: issue/concern; specific action(s) of respondent(s) that caused the issue/concern; and specific remedial action or relief sought.

Academic/Instructional Complaints should be submitted to the respective Department Chair. If the issue is not resolved, the documentation must be forwarded to the respective Dean (Dean of Undergraduate Studies or Dean of Graduate Studies). Should the issue continue to go unresolved, the complaint should be submitted to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs or designee.

Non-academic complaints should be submitted to pertinent supervisory personnel. Unresolved complaints should be submitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs or Vice President of Business Affairs or their respective designee.

*Please refer to the Directory for a full listing of Southeastern administrators, faculty, and staff. SE employees are listed by name, title, department, and contact information. Students can search for designees individually or ‘Filter by Department.’ https://www.se.edu/offices-directory/

Academic Appeals

Applications for Academic Forgiveness, Academic Appeals, and Graduate Academic Appeals can be accessed through the Academic Affairs page, under ‘Forms and Publications.’ https://www.se.edu/academic-affairs/resources/

Student Account Appeals: Application for an appeal of tuition, fees, room, or meal plan charges on a student account can be accessed on the Business Office page under Forms and Announcements.

Distance Learning Complaint Process for Out of State Students

Students residing outside of the State of Oklahoma while attending Southeastern desiring to resolve a grievance should follow the University’s Student Grievance Procedure as described above.  The University is equally dedicated to resolving issues for our students not located within the state of Oklahoma. However, in the case where an issue cannot be resolved internally, you may file a complaint with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. More information about SARA student complaints can be found here: NC-SARA Student Complaints. If you would like to contact the education entity responsible for SARA within your own state, you can find that information here: NC-SARA State Portal Entity Contacts. Southeastern Oklahoma State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Please note that if you are a Texas student enrolled in courses offered by Southeastern at the Campus (Denison, TX) of Grayson College, you also may report complaints directly to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The web address for rules governing student complaints at these locations may be found at this link.

Reporting Misconduct

Misconduct violating Code of Conduct can be reported using the SE Incident Reporting Form. Southeastern Oklahoma State University desires to resolve student grievances, complaints, and concerns in an expeditious, fair, and amicable manner.

Students, faculty, staff, administrators, and campus visitors of Southeastern may confidentially report activities that are believed to be unethical, illegal, or other inappropriate behavior in violation of established policies to the Board of Regents for the Regional University System of Oklahoma by using Ethics Point. The areas of reporting include Athletics, Financial, Human Resources, Information Technology, Medical, Research, Risk and Safety Matters, Student Affairs, and Other by using Ethics Points.

Civil Rights Complaints:

Southeastern Oklahoma State University affirms its commitment to an educational and working environment free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The procedure outlined in this policy specifically covers all civil rights except for Title IX and other gender-based misconduct matters for all faculty, students, staff, student and employee applicants, contractors, and visitors when the University becomes aware of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation through a complaint or by other means. Parts 3, 4, and 6 of this policy include guidance and information about remedies for all civil rights matters, including Title IX and gender-based misconduct. (For the full Title IX and gender-based misconduct policy please consult the Regional University System of Oklahoma Title IX Policy.) Southeastern is committed to promptly ending any instances of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation and will take appropriate measures to effectively prevent the repetition of such conduct. The University will administer appropriate sanctions to reasonably ensure that such actions are not repeated, and expeditious steps will be taken to remedy the effects of the misconduct.

The University is committed to preventative programming and outreach to the campus community. In an effort to enhance campus discernment and understanding about discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, effective consent, bystander intervention, and other important behavioral wellness topics see Civil Rights Policy for the Campus Community. Additionally, the information regarding the work of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee can be found here.

If you have questions concerning any of these processes or information, please contact the Academic Affairs Department at academicaffairs@se.edu.