Campus Summer Hours

Southeastern Oklahoma State University will observe summer hours from May 29 – July 28, 2023. Offices will be open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Campus tours will be given Monday-Friday. Click here to schedule a tour.

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Distance Education Council


The function of the Distance Education Council (DEC) will be to provide leadership in evaluating, reviewing, assessing, and developing the distance education philosophy and curriculum. Any recommendation by the DEC concerning philosophies and policies of online learning will be submitted to the Academic Council. The DEC will work with the appropriate academic departments and/or administrative offices to ensure the continuation, assessment, quality, and evolution of the distance education program. The DEC will review the results of distance education assessment to determine if any modifications need to be made in the distance education philosophy and curriculum and make recommendations, if necessary, to the appropriate departments/faculty. The DEC will work with faculty and administration in determining and recommending which technology and training is necessary to implement and maintain courses and programs that will be delivered via distance education.


The Director of the Center for Instructional Development and Technology will serve as the chairperson of the Distance Education Council (DEC) and will be a non-voting member of the DEC. The composition of membership is:

  • One representative from each academic department that offers distance education courses (voting members). Department representatives will be selected by the Chair of the Department and must have taught distance education courses for at least two semesters during the last two years preceding their appointment.
  • One representative from the McCurtain County campus (voting member) selected by the Director of the McCurtain County Campus.
  • One IETV representative (voting member) selected by the Director of Telecommunications and IETV.
  • One representative from the Center for Instructional Development and Technology (CIDT) will be a non-voting member selected by the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • One representative from the library will be a non-voting member selected by the Director of the Library. One representative from the graduate faculty (voting member) will be selected by the Graduate Council.
  • One student representative (non-voting member) will be appointed by the Distance Education Council. The student must have completed at least one distance education course and hold junior/senior standing.
  • The Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Executive Director/CIO, who will both serve as non-voting ex officio members.

All representatives, with the exception of the student representative, will serve three-year staggered terms; the student representative will serve one year. All representatives may be reappointed to the DEC when their term expires. Appointments will be made as necessary to fill vacancies using the protocols listed above.




Aviation (non-voting) Jake Durham
Academic Affairs (non-voting) Tim Boatmun
BIOL (voting) Josie Mendenall
BS (voting) Hallie Stephens
BUS (voting) Robert Howard
CIS (voting) Lie Qian
CIDT (Chair) (non-voting) Christala Smith
COMM (voting) Shannon McCraw
EHL (voting) Janet Barker
EIL (voting) Kate Shannon
FIN (voting) Ying Lin
Graduate Council (voting) Jerry Stout
KIN (voting) Mike Reed
Idabel (voting) Laura Atchley
IETV (voting) William Fridley
IT (non-voting) Marti Phiilips
Library (non-voting) Sandra Thomas
MATH (voting) Karl Frinkle
MUS (voting) Jeri Walker
SFTY (voting) Nick Nichols
POSC (voting) Conner Alford
Student (non-voting) Madison Bragg