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Enrollment Procedures

First-time students and returning students that were not enrolled the previous semester should visit the Office of Admissions for final admission approval and then make an appointment in the Academic Advising Center to be assigned an advisor. Students who attended classes last semester at Southeastern must see their advisor prior to enrolling. The advisor will assist in selecting a class schedule for the upcoming term. Courses can be added or dropped through the Colleague Self-Service system (see below) or by taking the enrollment form to the Registrar’s office.

Web Registration/Colleague Self-Service

Colleague Self-Service now offers current Southeastern students the convenience of enrolling in courses and viewing important Registration, Billing, and Financial Aid data online.

PDF Instructions

Video Instruction

All Southeastern students who have been admitted or are currently enrolled may use the system to view their information. To use Colleague Self-Service to enroll in courses you must not have any registration holds (advisor hold, business office hold, etc.). New students must see an advisor prior to enrolling.

Enrollment is only available during specific dates outlined in the Southeastern Schedule of Classes and the academic calendar.

Drops/Withdrawals will be accepted through Self Service during the dates indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Complete withdrawals can be processed through the Self-Service web registration system.

Class Schedules

Follow this link to view the current Schedule of Classes. If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 580-745-2165 or

Changing a Class Schedule (Add/Drop)

Schedule changes (drops and/or adds) can be processed through Colleague Self-Service until the last day to enroll/drop a class. Those courses which cannot be added through the web registration system must be processed on through the “Enrollment Form” during the Pre–Enrollment or General Enrollment dates.

Complete Withdrawals

If a student needs to withdraw from all classes, it is essential that the student properly do so through Self-Service or the Registrar’s Office. Otherwise, the student will receive a grade of “F” in all classes for the semester. Complete Withdrawals must take place by the ‘Last Day to Drop or Withdraw’ date indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Complete withdrawals may be completed through Colleague Self-Service by dropping each course. If a student is unable to do so, the “Enrollment Form” must be completed and turned in to the Registrar’s Office. In emergency cases, you may email a request to be completely withdrawn for the semester. Your request must include the following information: the semester, your printed name, written signature, picture ID, and a daytime phone number for problem transmissions.

Once enrolled, the student is responsible for tuition and fees unless a complete withdrawal is processed by 5 p.m. on the last day to drop a class with no grade record (see academic calendar). Intensive courses {shorter duration courses less than sixteen(16) weeks (fall/spring) or eight (8) weeks (summer)} will have proportional (shorter) withdrawal time lines.

Students who have a Housing Contract or Meal plan are required to fill out separate paperwork through Residence Life in order to cancel contracts.


Full–Time Status

Undergraduate Students:
Fall or Spring Terms: 12 hours
Summer Term: 6 hours

Graduate Students:
A graduate student enrolled in 3 to 5 semester hours of coursework in a condensed format (e.g. course duration of eight weeks or less) will be considered a half-time student. A graduate student enrolled in 6 semester hours or more in a condensed format will be considered a full-time student during the condensed term. If a student is enrolled in a combination of regular and/or condensed formats that total 9 hours during the regular semester, they are considered full-time. A regular semester (e.g. course duration of sixteen weeks) graduate student is classified as full-time if he/she is enrolled in nine (9) or more hours. A summer term graduate student is classified as either full-time or part-time in concordance with the condensed format rules.

Load Maximums

Undergraduate Students:
Fall or Spring Terms: 18 hours
Summer or Condensed Term: 9 hours

Graduate Students:
Fall or Spring Terms: 14 hours
Summer 8-week Term: 9 hours

7-week Condensed Term: 6 hours


Undergraduate Students attaining a Retention/Graduation grade point average of at least 3.00 and having completed a minimum of 15 semester hours at Southeastern will be permitted to carry up to a maximum of 21 hours during a regular term or 10 semester hours during a summer term. Verification and approval must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. Approval from the Vice President of Academic Affairs is required for loads exceeding these maximum numbers.

Audit Enrollments

Any student desiring to audit a class must be admitted to the University and obtain written permission from the instructor. Approval to audit is contingent upon available classroom and laboratory space. Students who are auditing must have met the same prerequisites as students enrolled for credit. Students taking courses for audit may be responsible for attendance and/or participation requirements set by the instructor. Charges for auditing are the same as for courses taken for credit.

The allowable time to change an enrollment status from audit to credit or from credit to audit is by the last date to add/drop a class for that semester. Audit enrollments cannot be processed using web registration.

Incomplete Grades

The grade of “I” can only be changed by the instructor. An “I” must be changed within one calendar year (or sooner at the discretion of the instructor) of the date it is recorded. During this time, the student should not re–enroll in the course.

Repeated Courses

The first four courses (not to exceed eighteen hours) of repeated course work in which the original grade was a “D” or “F” are the only courses in which the original course grade will not be included in computing the Retention/ Graduation GPA.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Registrar’s Office when a repeated course situation occurs within these guidelines, especially if one of the courses (original or repeat) was taken at another institution. If both courses were completed at Southeastern and have the same course number, it is not necessary for the student to contact the Registrar’s Office.

If either course (original or repeat) was taken at another institution, it may be necessary for the student to obtain verification from the appropriate Southeastern Academic Department that the original course and the repeat course are in fact deemed to be equivalent courses.

Grade Reports

Grade reports will not be mailed to all students at the end of each semester. Students may view their final grades on the “Grades” tab in Colleague Self-Service. If you would like to receive a grade report in the mail, you may complete a transcript request in the Registrar’s Office or at A transcript will then be mailed once final grades are available.