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Greek Tradition

History of the Greek Tradition

On the eve of the birth of The United States, the first American institutions of Yale, William and Mary, and The College of New Jersey were home to the first student led organizations devoted to scholarship, ethics, and brotherhood. By the early 19th century most American institutions adopted these Latin or literary societies. These organizations promoted and even competed in debate and writing. They held discourse over matters political, social, and religious. These groups would become the early formations of modern fraternities and sororities.


The primary recruitment period, or “rush”, for Southeastern fraternities and sororities takes place during the first 2-3 weeks after classes begin in the fall. The Southeastern Panhellenic Council hosts sorority recruitment, and it typically sets up a booth in the Union Atrium during the week prior to register recruitment participants. Each Fraternity holds its own membership recruitment during the designated recruitment period. All fraternities and sororities require a minimum grade point average of 2.50. For more information please check with the office of Student Life.

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