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Camp SE 2020: New Student Orientation

Camp SE 2020 Schedule of Events

Camp SE is a New Student Orientation held in August before classes begin. It is a great way for incoming students to get to know the University. For over 20 years, the orientation tradition has provided students with an opportunity to meet other students and transition into the college environment.  All new students are required to attend Camp SE

This year’s Camp SE is going VIRTUAL!

Camp SE 2020: Orientation on Demand is August 14-17, 2020.

Camp SE assists new students with their transition to campus by providing programs and services that outline the University’s academic requirements as well as co-curricular developmental opportunities. We provide new students and their families with an understanding of University expectations and requirements. We believe participation in orientation is a pivotal step in connecting students to their campus community and the opportunity for academic success.

Goals for Camp SE

  • Meet and know the names of at least five new people
  • To set realistic expectations for academic achievement
  • To identify at least five student services and resources and how to access them
  • To learn about Southeastern traditions and how I am part of those traditions
  • To experience life as a college student

What Can Students Expect at Camp SE?

  • Be introduced to issues often faced by new students & resources available on campus
  • Learn about SE specific traditions, history, & involvement opportunities
  • Meet a faculty member & learn about academic expectations
  • Get your parking sticker and student ID.

What Can Parents & Family Expect at Orientation?

  • Casual, conversational environment to learn about the University’s expectations of their student
  • Meet with campus administrators, faculty friends, and real live SE students
  • Have time to visit campus offices to help prepare their students for classes to begin