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Going Greek!

Jake Popowski
Sigma Tau Gamma President
Sigma Tau Gamma (Sig Tau): Connect with President Jake Popowski at or 940-600-7595.
Sydney Williams
Alpha Sigma Tau President
Alpha Sigma Tau (AST): Reach out to President Sydney Williams at or 580-380-5871.
Tristin Blackburn
Sigma Sigma Sigma President
Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri Sigma): Chat with President Tristin Blackburn at or 580-736-3344.

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Leadership, Scholarship, Service

Joining Southeastern’s Greek Community gives you the opportunity to be a part of a group of menĀ and women dedicated to similar causes, academic success, and each other. The Greek tradition buildsĀ and honors the bonds between its members and their growth through leadership, scholarship, andĀ service.ā€‹

The Greek community offers a unique opportunity for students to apply and practice their leadershipĀ skills in real life situations. Each chapter is self-governed and relies on the skills and abilities of itsĀ members for successful management.Ā ā€‹

The value of successful scholarship is reflected in the Greek community. Organizations help theirĀ members achieve academic success through providing tutoring sessions, study skills, and classĀ scheduling assistance. The Greek community, and most chapters, also provide a number of incentivesĀ and recognition to those Greeks who achieve academically.Ā ā€‹

SEā€™s Greek community engages in both the campus and local community. Volunteer service is a pillarĀ of Greek life. All SE chapters give back in many ways by providing time or fundraising for causes theyĀ wish to support.ā€‹

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