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Physical Wellness

Physical wellness involves maintaining a healthy body. This means moving your bodies (exercise), eating well balanced meals (nutrition), sleeping, managing stress, receiving preventative medical and dental care, and getting sexual health screenings when you become sexually active. Maintaining a healthy body is a key component to a long healthy life.

Useful Apps:
>American Red Cross
>CDC Health IQ
>First Aid
>My Fitness Pal
>Plant Nanny
>Sleep Time

Useful Websites:
>Eat Right
>Full Plate Living
>Seasonal Food Guide

Bolt Food Pantry: Running low on groceries?  A campus food pantry is set up for faculty, staff and students.  This is located in the Glen D. Johnson Student Union Wellness Center on the first floor, north end.  Food stuffs can be picked up inside the men’s and women’s lockers rooms or check with the staff in the Wellness Center if you are looking for a specific item and they can check in storage.  Call Student Wellness Services at 580-745-2988 if you have questions we may assist with answering.