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Environmental Health & Safety

The Southeastern Safety Department is responsible for overseeing compliance with federal and state requirements relative to environmental, safety, risk management investigations, building and fire code compliance, and emergency management matters on campus property. This impacts all areas of the university including students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The Southeastern Safety Department is trained in dealing with safety matters encountered on the university as well as coordination of emergency preparedness and response campus wide.

Some of the more common types of situations that the Southeastern Safety Department are responsible for include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining all campus fire systems in accordance with codes
  • Oversight of system inspections and repairs
  • Review of all new building plans and remodels for code compliance
  • Strategic Planning for fire alarm and sprinkler system upgrades
  • Emergency Management- The Southeastern Safety Department is responsible for documentation of training for emergency preparedness on the Southeastern campus.
    Risk Management investigations
  • Maintaining all records of property on the Southeastern campus
  • Monitoring of asbestos material in areas of the university and directing the asbestos removal program. Reports are kept at the Campus Police office
  • Addressing indoor air quality problems that may occur in a facility due to change in a building environment
  • Managing projects to correct and remediate environmental problems
  • Developing and implementing Safety operational procedures, polices, and training
  • Inspecting and monitoring campus facilities to identify and remediate any potential Southeastern concerns before they become hazardous
  • Accomplishing special projects as may be needed by Southeastern and working with all campus departments to provide appropriate training as may be required to address known hazards

Hazards from Southeastern issues of potential hazardous conditions can be reported to the Southeastern Safety Department from any campus phone at 2868. If you observe a hazard that is creating an immediate emergency, you should call the Campus Police from any campus phone at 2727 or the emergency phone at 2-911.