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Traffic and Parking

Parking Permit Information

Every Faculty/Staff/Student operating a vehicle on the campus of Southeastern Oklahoma State University must obtain and properly display a current parking permit on their vehicle. These permits must be displayed on the back glass of the vehicle, in the lower left corner. Students, Faculty and Staff may have as many regular parking decals as they have vehicles that could be driven onto campus, but the vehicle must be registered in the name of the Faculty/Staff/Student. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR REGULAR PARKING PERMITS!!!!!!

Not receiving a parking permit will not exempt you from responsibility for traffic or parking violations.

Campus Police can identify the owner by tracing the tag number through the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. The vehicle may also be booted if excessive tickets are attached to that vehicle. Permit holders are responsible for all charges made against their vehicle, regardless of the driver at the of the offense.

Being unable to find a designated parking spot or parking incorrectly because someone else is improperly parked is NOT justification for improper parking. Students and Employees may not park in Visitor Parking. Students cannot park in the Faculty Staff Paid Parking Lots. Student Ticket Writers cannot void tickets. If you have any objections concerning a ticket you have received, you must come to Campus Police and speak with the Chief of Police. Students that receive a ticket and wish to appeal must go to the link at the bottom of their ticket and complete the appeal form within (14) days of the date on the ticket. If questions, please contact Student Conduct at 580-745-2364 or Student Affairs at 580-745-2368.

Vehicles with excessive tickets (5 or more) are subject to being booted. You will be required to pay a removal fine before the boot device will be removed and arrangements made to pay the outstanding citations.

These rules are for your safety and will be strictly enforced. For the convenience of all those that park on the SE campus, please make a special effort to be aware of how you have parked and be considerate of others around you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Campus Police at 580-745-2727. You may view the complete Parking Rules and Regulations by going to the Campus Police & Safety Website. The link to the Student Traffic Appeals can be accessed at this location as well.

Parking Violations & Fines

  • Parking in Fire Lane (Red Zone) — Vehicle may be towed at owners expense = $75.00
  • Parking in Handicap Zone = $75.00
  • Boot Removal = $100.00
  • Parked Facing Wrong Direction/Backed into Parking Space = $20.00
  • Parking in Visitor = $20.00
  • Parking on Grass/Sidewalks = $20.00
  • Not a Designated Parking Space = $20.00
  • Parked in No Parking Zone = $20.00
  • Obstructing Traffic/Blocking Driveways = $20.00
  • Parking in Loading Zone/Restricted Zone = $20.00 (includes students parking in the Faculty/Staff Paid Lots)
  • Parked in Yellow Zone = $20.00
  • Parking On/Over Line = $20.00
  • Double Parking = $20.00
  • No Decal/Expired Decal = $20.00

These rules are for your safety and will be strictly enforced. For the convenience of all those that park on the Southeastern campus, please make a special effort to be aware of how you are parking.

Paying for Parking Tickets

To settle your ticket in person, complete the top portion of the ticket and sign the signature line. Present the ticket for payment at the Business Office (A101) during regular business days and hours.

By mail, return the completed ticket with a check or money order in an envelope to:

Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Business Office
425 W. University Blvd
Durant, OK 74701-0000

You may appeal a parking citation through the Parking Appeals Process within 14 calendar days of the citation issue date (no citations are appealable beyond this time frame). The appeal will be reviewed by the Southeastern Parking Appeals Committee. The Committee will evaluate each appeal and its decision will be returned to the Students Southeastern email address. Decisions are final and not subject to further review. Complete the Traffic Appeals Form below.

Student Ticket Appeal

Traffic Appeals Form