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Entrepreneurship & Small Business

The Entrepreneurship & Small Business Minor is designed for non-business majors providing an overview of basic business practices and principles required to create and launch a successful business.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Minor (18 hours)

(non-business majors only)
ACCT 2103 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
MKT 3233 Principles of Marketing
MNGT 3113 Management and Organizational Behavior
MNGT 3343 Small Business Management
MNGT 4663 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

And one of the following:
MNGT 3443 Supervisory Management
MKT 3433 Retailing
MKT 4243 Sales and Sales Management
MKT 3643 Promotional Strategies
MNGT 3533 Human Resource Management

Note: Students selecting this minor concentration are strongly recommended to take the following courses as part of their general education requirement:

ECON 2113 Principles of Macroeconomics
COMM 2213 Business & Professional Speaking
BIM 1553 Business Computer Applications