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Discrete Mathematics at SE

When I first taught Discrete Math for the first time (in Fall 2017) I used a textbook that I thought did a good job with the various topics. But it was fairly expensive (the list price was about $200 new) and we only covered a fraction of the material in the book. So for the Fall 2018 version of the course I decided to save the students some money and write my own set of notes (covering those topics that I thought were important) and homework assignments from scratch.

This went over fairly well with the class (saving money is always popular), but in the class evaluations a few students said they would have preferred to have at least some kind of “outside of class” resource when they had to miss class for one reason or another. My lecture notes are usually in an abbreviated outline form and therefore not always the best reference for students.

So when I had some spare time in Spring/Summer 2019 I decided to work on a more formal expanded set of lecture notes to create a “text” reference for the class. I decided to write these notes in Mathematica to give me the ability to create some interactive example generators for harder topics and to let me include some sample code for students who were interested in the programming aspects of the material. Like our Analytic Geometry textbook these are released under a “Creative Commons” license and are free for anyone to use and adapt (with attribution). The files for the individual sections are written in Mathematica 12 (which is free to SE students) and should be viewable both in a few earlier versions of Mathematica as well as the free Wolfram Notebook player.

Here are links to the individual notebooks (which are hosted on Google drive):

If you download the notes or have any feedback on them you can contact me using the information at the top of each notebook (or at my main homepage.

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