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Faculty Senate Shared Governance Forum

Shared Governance Forum:

This meeting is a meeting with the President of the University (or his/her designee) with the general faculty though the Faculty Senate. These meetings will be held–at a minimum—two times in each of the Fall and Spring semesters. The purpose of the meetings is to establish lines of communication between the administration and the faculty of the University. Further, the purpose is to share information about specific areas of concern of both the faculty and the administration of the university in order to resolve specific issues. While concrete solutions may not be possible in the forum, solutions to the issues should be sought and action (where and when possible) be implemented at the earliest possible time.

Two forums will be held each semester. The topic for one forum will be determined by the President and the topic for the other forum will be determined by the Chair of the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate Chair will then arrange (date, time, place) the meeting and agenda between the President and the Faculty Senate (all faculty will be notified and invited to attend the meetings). Faculty will be informed of the topics for the meeting at least two weeks prior to the meeting. While members of the faculty are encouraged to actively participate at the meeting, it is recognized that not all faculty may be able to attend. In such circumstance, the faculty senators may represent or speak for members of the faculty at the faculty member’s request. The agenda sequence will alternate between the President’s topic and the Faculty Senate’s topic. A report of this meeting will be part of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee report to the Faculty Senate. The report will be sent to the President for review prior to publication of the report on the website.

For more information on how SE’s Shared Governance is Structured please visit the President’s Statement on Shared Governance page

Forum Documents and Links to Recordings

2023-2024 Open Close

February 21, 2024

October 17th, 2023


September 19, 2023

This forum was hosted by the Administration and it provided information pertaining to the upcoming HLC visit.  Dr Golden and Dr. Ronnenberg asked all to review and provide feedback on the draft documents which will make up the Assurance Report.

To view the Assurance Report Draft and access the feedback form, visit the University’s webpage about HLC.

Here is the link to the recording for the September 19th, 2023 Shared Governance Forum.

2022-2023 Open Close

Spring 2023

April 11

A Conversation on Specific Areas of Concern with Chat GPT: A Panel Discussion hosted by Faculty Senate. A campus discussion about the new advancements in AI technology known as ChatGPT was held in liue of a Shared Governance Forum.

Fall 2022

November 15

This Shared Governance Forum was hosted by Faculty Senate and the topic of discussion was on compensation. It was to inform the faculty body, staff, and administration of the ongoing conversation about how best to raise the level of faculty compensation and to seek feedback from the entire faculty body at this time.


2021-2022 Open Close

Spring 2022

April 19th

  • Shared Governance Forum Becoming a Student-Ready College  (linked to a recording).  Topic chosen by the FS with presentation done by the Faculty Senate Survey Report ad hoc committee (Kate Shannon, Matt Sparacio, Andy Kramer, Jeri Walker).

Fall 2021

October 11

  • Shared Governance Forum, “HLC Quality Initiative Proposal” (Linked to a recording. Forum proper begins at 11:00).  The topic was chosen by the Administration, and the presentation was led by President Thomas Newsom and VPAA Teresa Golden (HLC QI Proposal).

November 16

  • Shared Governance Forum, “Growing Pains: Stories from the Trenches” presented by the Faculty Senate (Presentation slideshow).
2020-2021 Open Close

Spring 2021

April 5

Fall 2020

September 28

November 10

2019-2020 Open Close

Spring 2020

April 22

  • Notes of the Shared Governance Forum, a panel presentation Sabbaticals: Why and How You Should Take (topic chosen by the Faculty Senate).  Panelists: Dr. Meg Cotter-Lynch, Dr. Charla Hall, Dr. Doug Wood, Dr. Jeri Walker, and Dr. Dan Althoff served as the moderator.

Fall 2019

September 30

November 12

2018-2019 Open Close

Spring 2019

February 19

  • Shared Governance Forum “Budget Planning: All the Moving Pieces” (topic chosen by the administration) was held on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. PowerPoint slides used by VPAA Bryon Clark for the presentation. (SE Budgeting Timeline)

Fall 2018

November 28

  •  Notes from the Shared Governance Forum of November 13.  “Improving Pay for Adjunct Faculty,” topic chosen by the Faculty Senate.
2017-2018 Open Close

Spring 2018

March 27

  • Notes from the Shared Governance Forum “The Higher Learning Commission” (topic chosen by the Administration).  A handout outline of “HLC 10-Year Cycle” was distributed and discussed.

Fall 2017