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Statement on Shared Governance

The administration, faculty, and staff at Southeastern Oklahoma State University embrace the principle of shared governance. This process encourages input from all university constituencies in goal-setting, decision-making, and problem-solving at the University. The groups listed below actively participate in governance at Southeastern.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the official representative body of the faculty with powers to act for the Southeastern Oklahoma State University faculty. The term “faculty” refers to one holding faculty rank, contracted and assigned full time in an academic department for at least nine months, and whose primary responsibility is as a teacher and/or researcher. Chairpersons of academic (teaching) departments and professional librarians are defined as faculty. The Faculty Senate presents the position of the faculty concerning policies affecting the University to the appropriate committee, administrative office, or board.

Faculty Senate Website

Southeastern Staff Senate

Southeastern Oklahoma State University depends on the efficiency and commitment of non-faculty employees. Commitment comes from meaningful involvement and participation in the policies of the University. The purpose of the Southeastern Staff Senate is to enable non-faculty employees to participate effectively in the achievement of the goals of Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Staff Senate Website

Administrative Council

The function of the Administrative Council is to facilitate communication among the divisions of the University community and provide regular opportunities for the exchange of information among the divisions. Recent actions of Southeastern’s governing board (the Regional University System of Oklahoma Board of Regents) are reported at Council meetings. The Council also serves as a forum for the discussion of recent and pending University related activities. Within this context, the Council advises the President on matters of broad interest to the University community.  The Administrative Council is composed of members appointed by the President.

Administrative Council Website

Student Government Association

The Southeastern Oklahoma State University Student Government Association (SGA) consists of the Executive Officers, Student Senate, Supreme Court, and all students enrolled at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The  SGA aims to engender a close relationship among the students, faculty, staff, and administration; to secure just and rightful government; to preserve revered traditions; and to encourage wholesome school spirit comprised of loyalty, cooperation, and unity among students. Officers are elected by a nomination process and vote of the student body.

Student Government Association 

Policy to Modify Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures of Southeastern Oklahoma State University are dynamic, inclusive, and evolving documents that must effectively and efficiently guide the current activities and actions of the faculty, staff, students, and administration. Central to this endeavor is Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s value of shared governance. Numerous individuals/entities must be involved by monitoring the need for changes to current policies and procedures and participating in the development of new ones. To this end, a set of protocols has been put in place to ensure accurate and up-to-date policies and procedures that reflect the values of shared governance and comply with the laws, statutes, directives, and policies that apply to the University.

Printable Policy to Modify Policies and Procedures