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The Dance Minor is a focused area of study within the theatre department providing students with a breadth of practical dance training. Whether dance is an interest and hobby or a complement to your degree, the dance minor will provide you with a wide variety of practical experience with technical study.

Dance Minor (24 Semester Hours)

THTR 1152 Dance I
THTR 1162 Dance II
THTR 2152 Dance III
THTR 2162 Dance IV
THTR 3172 Choreography

Fourteen elective hours selected from the following courses:
THTR 3152 Dance V
THTR 3162 Dance VI
THTR 4152 Dance VII
THTR 4162 Dance VIII
THTR 4172 Dance Audition
THTR 1271 Pointe I
THTR 2271 Pointe II
THTR 3271 Pointe III
THTR 4271 Pointe IV
THTR 2172 Dance Workshop
THTR 4250 Dance Company