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On Saturday, March 2 from 9:00 to 5:00, the Southeastern Oklahoma State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) will be hosting its sixth consecutive AAUP Event on our campus. This year’s theme is ORGANIZE!

The event is open to all SE faculty (full and part-time), and to all AAUP members. There is no registration fee! To register, simply email SE AAUP chapter president Carolyn Fridley (, Registration Flier) by February 24.

The event will be an excellent opportunity for professional development, for communing with colleagues, and to participate in discussions about issues facing higher education and the professoriate.

This year’s event includes:

* Keynote speaker: Risa Lieberwitz, J.D., Professor of Law at Cornell University, and AAUP General Counsel. Keynote address: “Organizing for Our Rights—With or Without the Law.”

* Guest speaker: Julie Schmid, Ph.D., AAUP (National) Executive Director, presenting “Red for Ed: Lessons from the Teachers’ Movement.”

* An interview with Jesse Snowden, Ph.D., and Wayne Lanter, Ph.D., sharing their AAUP organizing experiences in the 1960s and 70s. Dr. Snowden (VPAA Emeritus, SE) first joined the AAUP in 1963. Dr. Lanter (English Professor Emeritus, Southwest Illinois College) recounted his work with organizing faculty in the book Defending the Citadel (2012).

* Friday, March 1, from 3:00 to 5:00 in Russell 100, a panel discussion featuring our keynote and guest speakers, and Southeastern President Sean Burrage. Everyone is invited! Reception will follow at the Durant Hampton Inn.

Thanks to funding from SE professional development grants and a grant from the AAUP’s Assembly of State Conferences, we are able to offer this top-notch event at no charge to you!

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Risa Lieberwitz

Risa Lieberwitz

Julie Schmid

Julie Schmid

Wayne Lanter

Wayne Lanter

Jesse Snowden

Jesse Snowden

Southeastern AAUP Delegation Meets with ECU Faculty

Carolyn Fridley, Meg Cotter-Lynch, Dan Althoff, Katricia Pierson, Jennifer McMahon, Chris Moretti, William Fridley

Carolyn Fridley, Meg Cotter-Lynch, Dan Althoff, Katricia Pierson, Jennifer McMahon, Chris Moretti, William Fridley

The Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) was invited to share their experiences, insights, and successes on shared governance with faculty at our sister institution East Central Oklahoma State University (ECU).

On May 11, a delegation from the SOSU AAUP chapter traveled to the ECU campus to conduct a workshop on shared governance, academic policy and faculty handbooks, and how to start an AAUP chapter.  Over twenty ECU faculty attended the two-hour workshop, and ECU president Katricia Pierson welcomed the SOSU delegation: Carolyn Fridley, Chris Moretti, Meg Cotter-Lynch, Dan Althoff, and William Fridley.

ECU’s invitation grew from the fifth AAUP statewide event hosted by the SOSU chapter, “Values and the University: Academic Freedom and Shared Governance,” on March 10, 2018.  ECU president Pierson and ECU English professor Jennifer McMahon were impressed with the event and the work of the AAUP chapter and began working on arranging a visit.

Following the workshop Dr. McMahon said that “we are excited to have new friends and colleagues engaged in the common endeavor of improving higher education,” and “I look forward to our ongoing communications.”

The SOSU chapter of the AAUP looks forward to continuing this new-found relationship with our colleagues at ECU and is committed to expanding this connection with other sister regional institutions.

Southeastern chapter of AAUP to hold event

On Saturday, March 25th, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, the Southeastern Oklahoma State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) will be hosting a statewide event on our campus for the fourth consecutive year.  This event is open to all SE faculty, full and part-time.  Thanks to generous grants from the AAUP Assembly of State Conferences, and Southeastern Oklahoma State University, registration is free, and includes all sessions, continental breakfast, and lunch.  This AAUP event is an excellent opportunity for faculty camaraderie and professional development right here on our campus (in the Fine Arts Recital Hall) at a reasonable price (free!). Registration for the 25th is easy – just email AAUP Chapter President Carolyn Fridley and let her know you plan to attend.  The deadline for registration is Monday, March 13.

This year’s theme is: “The University:  Money, Power and the Common Good.” Guest speakers include Adam David Roth, Ph.D., of the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island, and from Southern University-Shreveport, Louisiana, Sonya Hester, Joslin Pickens, and Harolyn Wilson (their article “Organizing Real Faculty Governance in Northern Louisiana” is in the current issue of Academe). We are fortunate to have speakers at our event who bring a wealth of experience in higher education.

The event also includes two panel discussions.  SE President Sean Burrage, Academic Council Chair Randy Prus, Faculty Senate Chair-elect Dan Althoff, and Carolyn Fridley will discuss and field questions on the event theme.  A second panel: “What Does the AAUP Do?” will include AAUP members Jesse Snowden, Meg Cotter-Lynch, Doug Wood, William Fridley, and the Oklahoma Conference AAUP President John Wood from the University of Central Oklahoma.

On Friday, March 24, from 2:00 to 4:00 in the Fine Arts Theatre there will be what promises to be a lively discussion featuring guest speakers Adam Roth and Sonya Hester, and SE Vice President for Academic Affairs Bryon Clark, Vice President for University Advancement Kyle Stafford, and Director for Safety and Compliance Mike Davis.  All SE faculty, students, and members of the community are welcome.  No registration is required.

Our chapter is very excited about this event and we believe that it will lead to meaningful conversations about how faculty and university communities can work together to advance the AAUP’s mission of “shared governance, promoting the economic security of those who teach and research in higher education, and ensuring higher education’s contribution to the common good.” We hope you will add your voice to the conversation.