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Center for Asian Resources and Intercultural Studies

Our Vision
The Southeastern Center for Asian Resources and Intercultural Studies envisions a future where the principles of social justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and comprehensive intercultural understanding are universally accepted and practiced. We aspire to see a world in which all diverse communities are appreciated and respected, their unique experiences and perspectives celebrated and integrated into the broader social fabric.
Our Mission
Our Center is committed to fostering these ideals of social justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and intercultural understanding through several focused strategies:
  • Combatting Stereotypes: We actively work to challenge and dismantle stereotypes, promoting a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the varied experiences across different cultures.
  • Counteracting Dominant Narratives: Our approach includes counteracting prevalent discourses and challenging established social norms and stereotypes. We aim to raise awareness about the specific challenges that Asian American communities face, thereby enriching the broader conversation about cultural diversity.
  • Embracing Intersectionality: Recognizing the complex interplay of various social factors, we strive to integrate an intersectional perspective in both theory and practice, ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach.
  • Intercultural Education and Storytelling: We believe in the power of education and storytelling to support social justice and equity. These tools are essential in promoting a deeper understanding of intercultural experiences and fostering empathy.
  • Responsible Use of Digital Technology: We advocate for the use of digital technologies in responsible ways that enhance mutual understanding and international collaboration. These technologies serve as vital tools in connecting communities and fostering global interactions.
By dedicating ourselves to these missions, the Southeastern Center for Asian Resources and Intercultural Studies is committed to building a more just, equitable, and empathetic society. We recognize the importance of understanding and empathy as fundamental skills for navigating and enriching our diverse and interconnected world.
Message from the Director Open Close

Greetings to all fellow colleagues, innovators, and lifelong learners,

I am honored and excited to announce the establishment of the Southeastern Center for Asian Resources and Intercultural Studies. This center is dedicated to advancing knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of various cultures through education, advocacy, and community engagement.

As a cross-cultural educator and the founding director of the center, my vision is anchored in the belief that education and awareness are crucial for fostering intercultural harmony and understanding. At our center, we aim to dispel myths and stereotypes, challenge the prevalent binary views of cultural dominance, and provide a deeper understanding of the complexities and realities of diverse communities.

A key focus of our work is addressing misconceptions, such as the “model minority” myth, which has been used to create divisions and misunderstandings within and towards the Asian community. We emphasize the concept of intersectionality, acknowledging the multi-dimensional aspects of identity and experience in our approach. Our goal is to foster inclusive perspectives and practices that recognize and celebrate the richness of varied cultural identities and experiences.

The Center for Asian Resources and Intercultural Studies is dedicated to nurturing empathetic and informed global citizens. We acknowledge the role of technological advancements in bridging cultural divides and encouraging positive societal change, while also promoting their responsible use. Our mission aligns with the campus goal of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, where different perspectives are heard and valued.

We invite you to engage with us in supporting student organizations, exploring new cultural horizons, participating in immersive festivals, and delving into the vibrant realms of Asian pop culture and media. Our center offers a range of seminars and webinars on topics such as Asian languages and the rich cultural heritage of various communities.

Together, let’s strive to turn our shared vision into a reality.

Initiatives Open Close
  1. Join us in supporting AAPI student organizations! The Center for Asian Resources and Intercultural Studies is committed to provide resources, guidance, and advocacy to help student organizations thrive and make a positive impact on campus and in the wider community.
  2. Expand your horizons and learn about diverse cultures! Our activities include seminars and webinars on topics ranging from “Socrates to Confucius,” teaching Asian languages, and exploring the rich cultural heritage of diverse communities. These events are designed to promote mutual understanding, challenge stereotypes, and foster a sense of community and belonging.
  3. Dive into the exciting world of anime and pop culture! Our themed lecture concerts are a unique and engaging way to learn about the influence of Asian culture. From anime and Nintendo to K-pop and cosplay, these events will provide insights into the diverse and fascinating contemporary Asian community.
  4. Experience the vibrant diversity of multi-cultural festivals! The Center for Asian Resources and Intercultural Studies hosts a variety of multicultural festivals featuring food, music, dance, and art from diverse communities. These festivals are a celebration of our shared humanity and an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the unique contributions of different cultures.
What they are saying... Open Close

“Apply for Scholarships. I was not sure if I would ever get any scholarships as an international student, so I thought it was a waste of time and was reluctant to ask for reference letters. I stepped out of my comfort zone and applied anyhow and got the scholarship. 

…there are difficult times you run into because you come from a different culture. I think it is important to have open mindset and see those moments as opportunities to learn from an alternative angle.” 

– Jisu Ha, 2023 SE grad, B.S. in Aviation Management

“Be yourself, as an international student, you have a lot of things about you and your culture that people locally will view different, but that is what makes you special! Don’t try to blend into the local culture, and use you and your culture to build relationships, and be a great representative of where you come from.”

-Leo Lau, 2023 SE grad, B.A. in English

Contact Us!

Dr. Mila Zhu, Director