Campus Summer Hours

Southeastern Oklahoma State University will observe summer hours from May 29 – July 28, 2023. Offices will be open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Campus tours will be given Monday-Friday. Click here to schedule a tour.

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Curriculum Committee

Function:  The function of the Curriculum Committee will be to provide leadership in developing and continuously reviewing undergraduate curriculum philosophy. Within the framework of this curriculum philosophy, the Curriculum Committee will continually review, evaluate, coordinate, and make recommendations for changes in the general, specialized, and professional education curricula in the undergraduate programs. The Curriculum Committee will also make recommendations concerning policy and regulations relating to departmental and interdisciplinary majors and minors. This committee will make appropriate recommendations to the Academic Council on all new curricula and on all curricula changes, additions and deletions.   Such recommendations may originate in the Curriculum Committee or be referred to it by an individual or a group. A copy of any recommendation received by or originating in the Curriculum Committee will be forwarded to the appropriate department(s) and dean(s) for informational purposes. Any recommendation submitted to the Curriculum Committee must disclose whether there was faculty participation from the department(s) or school(s) and the results (if any) of the faculty participation in the department(s) or school(s) submitting the recommendation. (APPM 3.5)

Membership:  The Curriculum Committee will be composed of nine faculty members and three students. The Chair-Elect will be elected by current members each May to serve for one year, and then assume the role of chair the following year. Both the Chair and Chair-Elect must be hold academic tenure and have one year of experience on the Curriculum Committee. Eight faculty members will be appointed by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees for staggered terms of office with three members appointed initially for three years, three members appointed initially for two years, and three members for one year. Thereafter, their appointments will be for three years. The Faculty Senate Committee on Committees will ensure broad representation by appointing two faculty from the School of Business, two faculty from the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences, and four faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences, such that there is not more than one member from a given academic department (if not possible – at least not more than one member from an academic major program). In addition one librarian will be appointed by the Committee on Committees to serve as an ex officio member. Three upper-division undergraduate students will be appointed by the Student Senate and approved by the President for one-year terms. The students will be chosen to provide broad representation from the academic areas. (APPM 3.5)