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Your Digital ID: Access, Convenience, and More

SE Digital ID Card Banner, linking to https://id.se.edu

The Southeastern Digital ID is more than just an identification card; it’s your key to campus life. Use it for your meal plans, gain access to events, enjoy discounts, and much more. Moreover, it’s your all-in-one solution for a seamless and engaging experience at Southeastern. 

Students: Unlock Your Campus Life

As a student, your Digital ID is your all-access pass to campus life. Log in with your mobile device at id.se.edu with your campus credentials to view your ID, complete with your personal details and photo. In essence, It’s your identity, convenience, and security – all in one digital card.

Every student’s ID is personalized with essential details. It displays your current portrait, name, and classification – be it freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate. Additionally, your ID also features a barcode with your student ID number, making campus access as easy as a quick scan.

Example Student Digital ID

Faculty & Staff: Your Professional Access Card

Example Employee Digital ID

Similarly, as a faculty or staff member at Southeastern, your Digital ID is an integral part of your professional toolkit. Simply log in at id.se.edu on your mobile device using your campus credentials to access your ID. It displays your personal details and current portrait along with your department and professional role on campus. This digital card is your pass to a streamlined and secure experience at Southeastern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about your ID? Then browse our FAQs for insights on how to make the most of your ID. From understanding its uses to troubleshooting common issues, we’ve got you covered with practical information and tips.

How Do I Submit or Update My Portrait for My Digital ID?

We encourage you to keep your portrait up to date to ensure your ID reflects your current appearance. To submit a new portrait, visit our submission page. Follow the guidelines provided there to ensure a quick approval process. Remember, your ID is more than just a card; it’s your key to convenience on campus.

Update Portrait

Getting Help with Your Digital ID

If you’re facing any challenges with your Digital ID or just need some guidance, our support team is ready to assist. Visit Southeastern Support for all your ID inquiries and support needs. Overall, our goal is to ensure your experience with the Digital ID system is smooth and beneficial.